Fantendo Duel
Developer(s) ZS Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg12RatingCERO C
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included NRS Disk
Fantendo Duel is a fighting game for the Nintendo Retro System, created by Zentech Studios. This is the first Fantendo crossover by the company. It is mostly based on the Smash Bros. series of fighting games, with some added and removed elements. If you'd like your character to be in, please follow the guidelines specified on the forum thread, which can be accessed from the link at the bottom of the page.


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Special Moves
Neutral Special Energy Blast
Side Special Beorn Blaze
Up Special Energy Dive
Down Special Energy Kick
Super Smash Heal
Final Smash Beorn Blitz

The Adventures of White

Special Moves
Neutral Special Boom Stick
Side Special Splash Potion
Up Special Jetpack
Down Special Size Ray
Super Smash Medi Cart
Final Smash Crystal Staff

Rubber and the Quest for Diggy the Happy Troll

Special Moves
Neutral Special Rubber Punch
Side Special Motor Dash
Up Special Rubber Jet
Down Special Mace Arm
Super Smash Inferno Pulse
Final Smash Ayrese

A Nutty Adventure

Special Moves
Neutral Special Tail Swipe
Side Special Avacorn Throw
Up Special Sword Slash
Down Special Light Field
Super Smash Avacorn Prism
Final Smash Light Wave


Special Moves
Neutral Special TBA
Side Special TBA
Up Special TBA
Down Special TBA
Super Smash TBA
Final Smash TBA

Princess ApplePeach (game)

Special Moves
Neutral Special Magical Fireball
Side Special Boomerang
Up Special Lucky Wings
Down Special Pow Hammer
Super Smash Super Applepeach
Final Smash Super Magical Buster

Flip the Frog

Special Moves
Neutral Special Slap
Side Special
Up Special Cobby Whip
Down Special Banjo Smash
Super Smash The Seaweed
Final Smash Mega Seaweed



Paper Mario: The Final Act

Special Moves
Neutral Special Book Attack
Side Special Sonic Scream
Up Special Split Spell
Down Special Curse Trap
Super Smash Forbidden Dark
Final Smash Sonic Storm
GreenKiss (AoW)

All-Star Squad Adventures

Special Moves
Neutral Special Leg Kick
Side Special Lateral Vortex
Up Special Picket
Down Special Quaver Foot
Super Smash TBA
Final Smash Diamond Forest
Mika sho 2014

Mika Sho
The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho

Special Moves
Neutral Special Fire Blast
Side Special Flame Slide
Up Special Blaze Jump
Down Special Shockwave
Super Smash Meteor Flame
Final Smash Flare Bomb
Mewshi YI

Mewshi's Adventure!

Special Moves
Neutral Special TBA
Side Special TBA
Up Special TBA
Down Special TBA
Super Smash TBA
Final Smash TBA
Ujori 1

Ujori Kasami
The Strange Life of a Schoolboy

Special Moves
Neutral Special Laser Gun
Side Special Bike
Up Special Thunder Whip
Down Special Lightning Slam
Super Smash Lightning Sword-Crossing
Final Smash Galactic Z-Wave


Special Moves
Neutral Special Iceball
Side Special Bomb
Up Special Super Jump
Down Special Mine Turtle
Super Smash Nyan Cat
Final Smash Shoop Da Whoop

General Scotch
General's Journey

Special Moves
Neutral Special Dark Fist
Side Special Fire Kick
Up Special Dark Uppercut
Down Special Counter
Super Smash Dark Blade
Final Smash Hellhound Storm

Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse

Special Moves
Neutral Special Lunar Orb
Side Special Gravity Slam
Up Special Solar Flare
Down Special Meteor Shower
Super Smash Black Out
Final Smash White Out
Bowie by Tom


Special Moves
Neutral Special Rock Fist
Side Special Rock Spin
Up Special Rocky Uppercut
Down Special Boulder Toss
Super Smash Earthquake
Final Smash Meteor Storm
Shade by Jake


Special Moves
Neutral Special Dark Slash
Side Special Blade Dash
Up Special Cape Glide
Down Special Darkness Blast
Super Smash Void Summon
Final Smash Blackout


Main Page: Fantendo Duel/Story



Stage Name Series
Sky City The Adventures of White
Space-StarShip All-Star Squad Adventures
Silver Empire The Lectro Chronicles
Cookieville Castle Princess Applepeach
Dream World Dream World
Squavacado Forest A Nutty Adventure
Swampland Tree Flip the Frog


Stage Name Series How to Unlock
Blaze Academy The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho Win as Mika Sho 20 times
Chateau du Boo Paper Mario: The Final Act Win as Gaston 25 times
MaiKai High School The Strange Life of a Schoolboy Win as Ujori Kasami or Princess Applepeach 15 times
The Internet Zone N/A Win as Iceboy 30 times
Stallord's Lair The Legend of Zelda: The Faceless Hero Play on the Chateau du Boo stage 20 times
Toxic Towers General's Journey Win as General Scotch 25 times
Bear Forest BowieQuest Win as Bowie 20 times


Main Page: Fantendo Duel/Soundtrack

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