Fantendo Dream Team is a crossover game with Nintendo characters. This game is will be on the Wii U. Fantendo Dream Team is a RPG game, Making it have elements from "Mario & Luigi Dream Team" The game has a story for itself's.


(Each Playble Character Will Have It's On Partner.)  
Dream Land Fan

Wallpaper for the game.

Mario and Luigi

Wario and Waluigi

Peach and Daisy

Yoshi and Birdo

Link and Zelda

Megaman and Rush

Olimar and his Pikmin

Nana and Popo (Ice Climbers)

Sonic and Tails

Mii and (Choose your partner)

Nintendog and Cat

Bombermans (White & Black)

Pacman and Ms. Pacman

Pikachu and Jigglypuff

Villagers (Male & Female)


Chapter 1: The First Day. One day, all of our beloved video game characters have a party of being the best games around. But then, All of their worst enemies in the video game world capture the object that keeps them all alive and in a good place. All of the good guys teamed up and defeat their worst enemies. 

Chapter 2: Back in the past. 

Chapter 3: Smash Back.

Chapter 4: Nintendo on ice.

Chapter 5: Meanwhile in the 2059 Age.

Chapter 6: Give it up.

Chapter 7: The Truth Speaks

Chapter 8: Our Final Goodbye.

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