Fantendo Demons is an upcoming video game that is currently being developed by Blender Maximum. Instead of creating a traditional crossover game, Blender Maximum decided to create a game that allowed them to reimagine specific characters and worlds with a connection to the originals. This game does not yet have a confirmed release date, but the genre has been said to be "mainly adventure."


In any level, the player can freely switch between any characters that they've unlocked at any point by touching their icon on the GamePad. Each playable character has at least one unique ability. The game plays out as a 3D adventure game.



You may sign up characters here!


Story Mode


When well-known heroes and villains start to suddenly disappear, a group of four is sent to search for them through space and ends up in an alternate universe with altered versions of the same characters they're looking for. However, they soon discover that an all-powerful being has trapped the souls of the heroes inside of these new versions of them and the only way to rescue them is to fight.



A more detailed version of the story can be found here.



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