Fantendo Smash Bros. is a series much like Death Battle, but with Fan characters.


  • No immortality.
  • Not wanting to kill in personality is out of here.

If the characters once met each other, that is not taken into consideration.


Season 1

Ten vs. Barker


Barker flies on his cloud through a island, but is knocked out of the sky and sees Ten, angry at him for an unknown reason. Barker pulls out his Voltage Pressure, while Ten puts on the Number Block Knockbacks.


Barker and Ten clash, but Ten, his weapons being weaker, is thrown back. Ten rubs his head, and looks at the screen.

Ten: Well, that hurt. Hey audiance, you think you could help me?

Ten grows very big.

Ten: Thank-you.

Barker yelps and runs away, but soon stops and pulls out his Fire Cloud.

Barker jumps up and flies into the sky, then starts shooting fire balls at the large Ten.

Ten: I'm too big of a target.... Ahah!

Ten: Shrinks down and starts firing at Barker with his Number Cannon.

Barker jumps off and puts on the Cloud Cape. Barker is now wearing a red cape and a red mask. He is now flying and starts shootng lasers at Ten.

The two attacks counter attack, but Barker prevails, and Ten's cannon blows up.

Ten: Crap.

Barker soars down and punches Ten, sending Ten flying.

Ten: AHHHHH!!!!

Ten stretches his arms out so they have gliders and begins floating in the air.

Barker: Okay, I gotta say, it's been fun facing the least popular fantendo teddy, Unten and Bowie being my personal favourites, I'm ending this.

Barker pulls out the Super Sword, and he is now in a red swordsman outfit, and has a sharp mid-sized sword.

Ten pulls out the Laser Blade, and he puts on a dark indigo wrestling mask.

Barker: COPIER!

Ten: AM NOT!

Barker: Argh!

Ten: Hyahhh!

The two swords cross, and both animals fall down. Barker stands up, and looks at his stomach, which has a paper cut, then looks at Ten, who is cut in half, stuffing going everywhere.

Barker: I guess sharp paper is a dangerous weapon. Most of his enemies are probably stuffed animal, too, anyway.


Barker get's back on his cloud and flies away.

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