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Fantendo Death Battle/Battle 06 - Flynn vs. Booster

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  • C: Flynn, the squrriel who don't have fear from ghosts.
  • I: Booster, a shy ghost.
  • C: Today, we gonna check the weapons, abilities and skills from both characters and see who will won...

Overview of the Characters


  • C: Flynn, the brave squriell
  • I: His weapon of choice is your fists, which he can punches very fast.
  • C: He also have a propoller on your head which can make him fly, making him escape from various dangerous situations.
  • I: However, Flynn is too clumsy, when he tries to do a stunt, he fails.
  • C: In general, Flynn is a very-helpful partner.


  • C: Booster, the shy guy...
  • I: Waits, he aren't talking about Boos?
  • C: Yes.
  • I: Booster, have the same abilities from a normal Boo.
  • C: Booster can hide himself to confuse the opponent, but, he can't move.
  • I: Booster doesn't have any special ability, yes?
  • C: No, Booster is a genius in experments. He can use the Slime Gumcannon.
  • I: What is this?
  • C: Is a cannon which launch Slimy Gumballs, which can explode when touches the enemy.
  • I: Wow.
  • C: We already checked the weapons, abilities and skills from both characters, let see who will won:
  • C: Dude, no pissing.
  • I: Sorry.


  • (Flynn appears planing on the ground while Booster appears) FIGHT!
  • (Booster hides)
  • (Flynn become confused)
  • (Booster starts to punch him)
  • (Flynn become dizzy)
  • (Booster launches Flynn on air, giving a good damage)
  • (Flynn becomes unconscius)
  • (Booster finished Flynn with the Slime Gumcannon) FINISH! Booster wons!


  • C: Holy shit, a great battle for the Boos.
  • I: Flynn is very fast, but...
  • C: Booster used your Boo abilites to forget about his' shyness and blow up Flynn!
  • I: The winner is Booster.

In the Next Battle

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