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Fantendo Death Battle/Battle 05 - TaBooki vs. Bombell

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Overview of the Characters


  • C: TaBooki is a boo which finded a gold Super Leaf which transformed him in TaBooki.
  • I: His main attack is his tail, which can do a great damage in your opponents.
  • C: He can also throw Super Leafs to attack your opponents.
  • I: Don't forget about this ability: In Super Smash Bros. Demigod, TaBooki can do thunderbolts.
  • C: Oh my god... He is a Pokémon!
  • I: Choyro, we can't do a reference about other series...
  • C: Oh yes, sorry.
  • I: In general, TaBooki is a mix of Pikachu with Tanooki Mario leveled up by 2.


  • C: Bombell is a mix of a Bomb Boo with a Bomb-omb.
  • I: His main attack is explode himself to attack enemies.
  • C: He can also do this to protect himself.
  • I: Bombell also can launch Bomblobs, which can be on enemies and explode on the enemy.
  • C: He can lick enemies making him explode.
  • I: Yes, like a Pokémon.
  • C: ¬¬
  • I: We already see the weapons, abilities and skills from both characters, let's see who will won in a DEATH BATTLE, inside the TaBooki's Mansion.
  • C: Don't forget to see All-Stars: Ultra Battles maded by Sr.Wario (tbc).


  • (TaBooki appears and Bombell re-appears after explode himself) FIGHT!
  • (TaBooki uses the Super Leaf to become more powerful)
  • (Bombell explodes himself giving a good damage on TaBooki)
  • (TaBooki launches Bombell on wall using your tail giving a good damage on Bombell)
  • (Bombell disappears)
  • (TaBooki become confused)
  • (Bombell appears behind TaBooki and put various Bomblobs on TaBooki)
  • (All the bombs explode on TaBooki, giving a massive damage)
  • (Bombell finished TaBooki exploding himself) FINISH! BOMBELL WINS


  • C: A Boo can die? I never knew this.
  • I: Choyro, he doesn't die, he fainted.
  • C: Oh god.
  • I: TaBooki great skills helped him during the start of the battle.
  • C: But, Bombell's deadly weapon helped Bombell won the battle.
  • I: The winner is Bombell.

In the Next Battle...

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