• C: Aiden, the thunder hero.
  • I: NinJon, the mighty Ninja.
  • C: Today, we gonna look the weapons, abilties and skills from both warriors and who will won in a...

Overview of the Characters


  • C: Aiden is the thunder hero of The Rise of the Darkness.
  • I: His weapon is the Staff of the Gods, which can transform into anything, a gun, a fist, a sword.
  • C: Aiden can also summons Thunder to attack the opponents.
  • I: Unlike his brother, Aiden have a fear of high places.
  • C: In general, Aiden is a more younger version of Thor.


  • C: Ninjon is a mighty Ninja.
  • I: He haves a variety of weapon, your mighty sword, which is very fast and your favorite, the Ninja Stars which can hurt you without you see it.
  • C: NinJon can do a the Ninja Kick, a powerful kick, if the move is done right, he can send the opponent to the moon.
  • I: NinJon also can climb on walls to dodge from some of the opponents attack.
  • C: In general, NinJon is a very dangerous snake.
  • I: We already see the weapons, abilities and skills from each character, let's see who will won, in a DEATH BATTLE.


  • (Aiden appears and NinJon jumps over a wall) - FIGHT!
  • (Aiden punches NinJon with a giant fist)
  • (NinJon jumps on wall and attacks Aiden with the Ninja Star)
  • (Aiden grabs NinJon and slam him on floor)
  • (NinJon attacks with your sword, but, Aiden protects himself with Staff of the Gods' sword)
  • (NinJon grabs Aiden and launches him on sky)
  • (Aiden doesn't no anything, because, he has a fear of higher places)
  • (NinJon attacks Aiden on air, giving a massive damage)
  • (Aiden falls on ground and faints.) FINISH! NinJon wons


  • C: What a great battle!
  • I: Aiden's skills with the Staff of the Gods are good enough.
  • C: But, NinJon discovers Aiden's fear and used as advantage to him.
  • I: Hey, Aiden could use the Staff to create a teleporter to he goes back to the floor.
  • C: Seriously?
  • I: The winner is NinJon.

In the Next Battle...

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