• C: Swiss, the mighty cheese.
  • I: Hayden, the sarcastic brother.
  • C: Today we gonna check the weapon, abilities and the skills of each character and see who will won in...

Overview of the Characters


  • C: The mighty cheese hero Swiss, what he can talk about him, Inyoro?
  • I: Well, the Swiss' weapon is your mighty sword, which can chop trees with a single blow.
  • C: Swiss have the strange ability to make Cheese Rain and slow down your opponents.
  • I: Swiss can also drop Cheese bombs which can explode and make a million of tiny cheeses pieces appears everywhere.
  • C: In general, Swiss is a killer-cheese.


  • C: Hayden, one of the legendary heroes.
  • I: His weapon of choose is the Sword of the Gods which he used to killed the mighty dark lord, The Darkness.
  • C: Wow.
  • I: He also have the Sacred Shield which can protect Hayden from every type of projectile.
  • C: Overall, Hayden is a example of a great brother and a great mighty warrior.
  • I: We already see the weapons, abilities and skills from both fighters, let see who will won... IN A DEATH BATTLE.


  • (Hayden appears and Swiss comes out from a bar.) FIGHT!
  • (Swiss uses the Cheese Rain, but, Hayden protected with the shield)
  • (Hayden tries to attack Swiss with your sword, but, Swiss protected himself with his sword.)
  • (Swiss start a combo with your sword giving a heavy damage into Hayden)
  • (Swiss uses a cheese bomb, but, Hayden reflected it using his shield, making the bomb explode on Swiss hands giving a massive damage, making him unconscius)
  • (Swiss wokes up and lifts Hayden up on air)
  • (Hayden uses this as advantages and attacked Swiss on stomach making him hit on ground very hard, giving a massive damage making Swiss without a chance to counterattack)
  • (Hayden finished Swiss with a blow on Swiss' head.) FINISH!, HAYDEN WINS


  • C: Holy shit, this battle is epic.
  • I: Swiss is a very good fighter and make Hayden recieve a good damage at start of the battle.
  • C: But, don't mess up with Hayden's sacred weapons.
  • I: The winner is... Hayden.

In the Next Battle...

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