• C: Charnelon, the mighty fast ninja.
  • I: Blud, the god of the AKC.
  • C: Two mighty heroes, with great skills.
  • I: Who will win in a Death Battle?
  • C: Today, he gonna see, the abilities, weapons and skills from the characters and see, who will won in a death battle.

Overview of the Characters


  • C: Charnelon is a mighty ninja which has great abilities.
  • I: Charnelon's main ability is the Water Shurikens, which are fast and lethal, which can also blind the opponent.
  • C: Charnelon himself won a tournament with other great ninjas, alone!
  • I: He defeated giant creatures and robots.
  • C: Charnelon is very fast, but, his speed can be unhelpful during sometimes.
  • I: Overall, Charnelon is a Ninja, where you can be next to him.

Blud D. Mess

  • C: Blud D. Mess is a universe traveler who comes to the AKC team.
  • I: Blud's weapon of choice is the Hell-Fast SMG, a weapon which can shoots 15 bullets with one click on the trigger.
  • C: Blud's also use the Mass' Axe, a powerful axe which can slash the opponent's head with one touch.
  • I: Blud's also have the Metoer Doom, which can summon's meteors and launch the opponent to the moon.
  • C: Blud doesn't have a weak point.
  • I: So, Blud is simply a good.
  • C: We see the abilities, weapons and skills from those characters, now let's see who will won in a Death Battle!


  • (Charnelon appears behind a bulding and Blud explodes a house and appears) FIGHT!
  • (Charnelon tries to use the Water Shuriken, but, Blud's protect himself using his axe.)
  • (Blud shoots Charnelon, but, Charnelon reflected all the bullets)
  • (Charnelon launches Blud in air, but, this serves as a help to Blud, which uses the axe to make Charnelon unconsius)
  • (Charnelon tries to wokes up, to make the things even worse, Blud attacks on Charnelon's left hand)
  • (Blud tries to rip the Charnelon's head, but, Charnelon get the axe and slashes the Blud's head). FINISH, Charnelon wins.


  • C: Holy shit, this batlte is very awesome.
  • I: Blud can be the god of AKC, but, here he has the head off.
  • C: Charnelon discovers the Blud weak point: He can only be killed with his own gun.
  • I: Who will be next, on Death Battle?

In the Next Battle...

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