• C: Donovan, one of the holders of a great artifact named Medallion.
  • I: Terry the Koopa, the magic learner turtle.
  • C: Today, he gonna check, the weapons, abilities and see who will won in a Death Battle!
  • I: Donovan or Terry the Koopa?



  • C: Donovan is a 23-year old security guard from Tokyo.
  • I: He's main weapon is a 9mm Pistol, which can be fired twice with one shot and can be upgraded with the Crystal Bullet, which can multiple the damage.
  • C: He also have the Assasin's Dagger, which if you don't look, he can kill with you with only one stab.
  • I: Hell, he saved his friends twice from a demon.
  • C: But, often Donovan makes mistakes, for a example, he has been captured twice by the same person, man, this guy have seriously problems.
  • I: In general, Donovan is a very-good shooter with some assasin's tricks.

Terry the Koopa

  • C: Terry is more younger than Donovan, he is 17 years.
  • I: He's main ability is to use your hookshot, which can help him reacher longer places and attack distant enemies.
  • C: He also can do a great variety of magics, but, the most deadily one is the x, which makes the enemies blind and KO's him without he see.
  • I: Man, this guy saved a world alone, only using magic.
  • C: Terry also isn't alone in your adventures, he also have your girlfriend, Lina which can help him.
  • I: But, Terry is full of mistakes, with a bunch of useless magics and items.
  • C: In general, Terry the Koopa is a badass version of Harry Potter.
  • I: We already talk about the two heroes, let's see who will won, in a Death Battle!


  • (Terry comes out from the sewers and Donovan appears.) FIGHT!!
  • (Terry use your fire ability which gives a massive damage on Donovan)
  • (Donovan fire twice on Terry, but, fails)
  • (Terry launch Donovan in air and started to do a variety of air combos, giving a good damage)
  • (Donovan get on the Terry's feet and launched him against the floor)
  • (Donovan fire twice with the Crystal Bullet on Terry, gives a good damage and Terry become onconsius)
  • (Donovan goes to the back from Terry, giving a final blow using the Assasin's Dagger.) FINISH, DONOVAN WINS.


  • C: What a great battle here!
  • I: Terry's speed and attack abilities help him during the fight, but, Donovan's secret weapon, the Crystal Bullet, make him unconsius.
  • C: In the end, Donovan, put the final blow's is with the Assasin's Dagger and ended with a cruel finisher. Making Terry sleep forever (he not die)
  • I: Who will be next?

In the Next Battle...

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