Fantendo Dark Brawl
Front And Back Of The Game.
Developer(s) NinRMAX
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
US & EU: Summer 2017

JP: Spring 2017

Age Rating(s)
Rated E.
Genre(s) Fighting
 Fantendo Dark Brawl, (Fantendo: Up To Glory! in EU) is a upcoming fighting by NinRMAX, The game features Fantendo characters fighting and also some Nintendo games. It is one of the first games by NinRMAX to have Fantendo characters. Fantendo Dark Brawl is similar to the Super Smash Bros series. The game is playable on the Wii U.


Fantendo Dark Brawl is a fighting game. The game features characters from Fantendo and Nintendo. Players can choose the characters they want to play as in the game and battle it out with CPUs, Friends, Or people using Online Play. Players can also use a story mode. There are also weapons characters can use such as a Axe, Knife, or Poison.


All the people from Fantendo and Nintendo have received a letter saying there was a big party at a big stadium. Everyone thought is going to be awesome over there. They all went over to the big party. However, When they arrive, The heroes got captured by a magic man named Dark Duel. Dark Duel says if they want that "Big" party, They must destroy him and his enemies. The Fantendo and Nintendo guys were shocked. But they had to fight him so there would be peace. 


Image Name Unlockable? Grand Final Weight Special Item
Mint FDB Mint No. Sword Gallery Feather Ninja Stars
Cunten Unten No. Fantendo Power Medium Extreme Sword
Zoshi Zoshi Yes. Zoshi + Yoshi Large <insert your name here>
Zario Zario No. Super Zushroom Medium Zire Zlower
Fandro vTimeSoul Fandro (Character) No. Spikey Ball Rain Light Slime Lighting
Koopa Troopa Yes. Spikey Shell Light Blue Shell
Mario No. Super Mushroom Medium Zire Zlower
Bowie ACL
Bowie Yes. Teddy Parade Medium Damage Rock
Yoshi No. Egg Chaos Medium Super Egg

Eario Yes. Da Thowmps. Heavy Da Broom
White No, Popopo Attack Feather Boom Sword
Miyamoto Mii
Mii No. N/A N/A N/A
Mcboo No. Ghost Party Heavy Tounge



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