Major Bosses

Major Bosses are unskippable bosses who play a bigger part in the story. They are indicated with a gold outlined health bar.

Character Description
Netnu shattered
The first boss, and he mostly acts as a tutorial. In this fight he is actually fairly damaged before even starting the fight. He escapes after you defeat him, dissapearing in the forest.
Mineman 2015
This boss fight occurs once Aran is found and brought back to the unnamed hub town, where Mineman then attacks. He has little minions called MiniMiners. Once defeated MineMan will explode.
Beth Operatino
Encountered once Strafe is found and blocks the group from rescuing him. Once defeated she limps away into the horizon.
UNT3N (Phase 1)
Guards the entrance of the ruins of the floating labryinth. Mega Grimebots create a wall of defense for UNT3N once the battle begins.
UNT3N (Phase 2)
This battle starts instantly after phase one of UNT3N is defeated. This phase is faster, stronger, and harder to kill.  Once his health is halfway depleted the eye in the middle of his head will dissapear and form as a whole different entity with its own health bar, causing the fight to get even more intense.
Needs Art
Crystralion Overlord
The final boss of the Crystralion species. This is pretty much the mark of the climax of Act 1 and unto Act 2. The boss has alot of minions at its side.
Clockwarx guards the entrance to The Mistake's domain. He is a very strong boss and has a special ability called Counter-Clockwise which brings him back to the status he was 5 turns ago.
A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y is an unexpected boss battle that pops up after finding a needle on the ground an interacting with it. She has two health bars, one for most of her body, the other for her heart. Destroying the heart first greatly weakens her.
The Mistake Shattered2
The Mistake (Phase 1)
The first phase of the final boss of the Crystal Guardian story. He uses minions that are massed blobs of glitches to guard him. During Phase 1 he will summon distorted versions of UNT3N (Phase Two), Clockwarx, and A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y, but not at the same time, to fight for him while he regains health.
The Mistake Shattered
The Mistake (Phase 2)
Once destroying Phase One the actual final fight begins, the background will become distorted and every once and awhile the characters will distort. His attacks have the possibility to one-shot unexpecting fighters. Once defeated he will implode into a little ball and fly away, and the ending will play.

Minor Bosses

Minor Bosses are unskippable bosses who play less of a role in the story then major, though are still unskippable.


Optional Bosses

Optional Bosses are bosses who do not play much of a role in the story, and do not have to be fought.


Raid Bosses

Raid Bosses are very strong end-game bosses that are ment to be fought with a team with end-game gear.



Character Description
The recurring enemy of the game, but they grow stronger as the game progresses. There are many variants of Grimebots
Beorn Reaper
Another troop of The Mistake's forces, this one is not as common as the Grimebot. Though, like the Grimebot they grow stronger as the game progresses. There are two variants of the Beorn Reaper, the Beorn Reaper and the Beorn Blaster, the Reaper is a melee while the Blaster is a ranged.
Needs Art
Crystralion Grunt

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