Fantendo Crossing
Developer(s) GreenProductions
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Greencube
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Series Fantendo Crossing

Fantendo Crossing is a game that's going to be released on the Greencube. It's the first installment in the Fantendo Crossing series. It's being developed by Green Productions.


This game is a 3D life simulation game using 300+ Fantendo characters as villagers!


Your character Brian (default name) is heading to a brand new town. When you arive, you are greeted by Ellen and the five residents of the town! Ellen then says how excited she is to finally have the mayor arrive! Despite you trying to tell her that you aren't mayor, she doesn't believe you! You then go over to Town Hall, only to be told you need to go to the Home Store! After your house is created, you get to make a town flag and place it at the Plaza, as oppossed to a tree! You then find out that recently this town has been being attacked by Doomulus Grime! Even if bad guys live in the town! Ellen says as mayor it would be awesome if you helped get rid of Doomulus Grime. You don't have a choice, so you say yes or absoulutely.


Main Characters

Picture Name Description
Brian Brian Brian is the default name for the villager you play as! His default clothes are a red ninja headband, black clothes that say #22, long white pants, and red shoes.
EllenFantendoCrossing Ellen Ellen is your assistant as you are mayor. She is actually Isabelle's long lost twin. She will help you defeat Doomulus Grime when he comes! If Doomulus Grime came and you weren't on Ellen will say that Doomulus Grime came while you were gone, but I took care of him!


Picture Name Personality
UntenPreFracturePostShattered Unten Adventuorus
ZeritaShattered Zerita Normal
GuaptainShatteredArtWithG Guaptain Adventurious
NinJon Ninjon Jock
Jake adoptfest ball Circ Adventurous
Mattgamer03 Austyn Austyn Adventurous
Danjixrus Danjixurus Adventurous
BoberiusShattered Boberius Adventurous
KoloroNEW Koloro Peppy
NewKontrast Kontrast Smug
LeahShattering Leah Needlenam Snooty
TypeX X-Ray X-Ray Normal
ReeseNew Reese Lazy
ReeseII Reese II Cranky
Abba Abba Uchi
N/A Sakeena Kamel Peppy
IronMask Iron Mask Adventurious
ScarletShattered Scarlet Uchi
Ortihell Orithell Snooty
Fuchsia Fuchsia Jock
InfernoTheMonfernoArt Blaze the Moferno Smug
Jake Guaptain Friend Bobtain Lazy
Andy Andy Smug
NetnuUnderground Netnu Cranky
PlumberFull2 King Plumber Smug
Litle P Litle P Lazy
Lolo . Lolo Adventurous
Lala Lala Adventurous
GoblinDefenderShattered Goblin Adventurous
SatoshiNatsu Satoshi Natsu Lazy
DreamBoyColored Dream Boy Cranky
Anna Biscuit Anna Biscuit Uchi
Kylie Lemon Kylie Lemon Snooty
Gina Cupcake Gina Cupcake Peppy
Evadopt01 January Peppy
Fire (Fantendo Brawlers) Fire Adventurous
Ice Model Ice Smug
New Electric Model Electric Adventurous
BowieShattered Bowie Smug
Ashe - BowieQuest RPG Ashe Lazy
Samantha - BowieQuest RPG Flare Normal
Jake Bananas Endal Cranky
FandroShattered Fandro Cranky
BobtheBlob Bob the Blob Lazy
OnoShattered Ono Peppy
King Krunchkake New King Krunchkake Cranky
MikaSho Mika Sho Normal
DATAShattered Data Smug
YEhardwireYE Hardwire Cranky
Starla - FSB Contrive Starla Peppy
SketchShattered Sketch Adventurous
WhitePopopoZiegs White Adventurous
240px-Danni Black Gloves Danni Smug
Ace Peppy
Fyrenew Fyre Adventurous
Nightblazenew Nightblaze Adventurous