Fantendo Critic Weekly is a review service run by Sr.Wario. Every week, he'll review 7 articles that have been requested, go over the good and bad, and then decide the verdict on it in blog form. 

You can go request things in the comments, on chat, or put it on the page yourself.


So to avoid confusion, here are previously reviewed articles as well as an explanation for each score.


These articles aren't worthy of your attention.


These articles have a long way to go and range from mediocre to garbage. Ignore these.

High Level Skip

These articles are almost recommend worthy but are being held back by some serious issues. Keep working and you'll get there.


These are good articles worthy of a read in my opinion.

Low Level Recommend

These articles have several issues but have a few qualities that are so damn good I can't help but recommend them.


These articles are all around good.

High Level Recommend

These articles have a few issues but are mostly fantastic and are just shy of being must reads.

Must Read

Mandatory reading. These are masterpieces, plain and simple.



  1. Trifecta: Multiverse Fighters
  2. Pokemon Anniversary Version
  3. Sonic Adventure 3
  4. Super Smash Bros. Melee HD
  5. TriggerBound
  6. Ironworks Pioneers
  7. DJ Flask