Fantendo Critic is a reboot of the review system of the same name. Sr. Wario concisely reviews any Fantendo thing, featuring a casual nature and a rather different scoring system. Request a review in the comments, or on the page, or in chat, or wherever you like. If you've made changes to your article, you can request for it to be re-reviewed.

The system is being cancelled in favor of the original system being ressurected.

The Structure

The reviews are structured in a system that usually features four paragraphs: an introduction, the good, the bad, and the final verdict. The scores are:

  • Must Read(Things any reader on Fantendo will want to check out.)
  • Reccommended(Things I think you should check out.)
  • Skip(Mediocre articles you can skip over.)

Sometimes, two scores will be given, as an article can have varying levels of enjoyment depending on the person.

Things Reviewed

  1. Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration(Must Read for fans of Exo, Reccommended for everyone else)
  2. TriggerBound(High end Skip)
  3. Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey(Must Read for fans of Mario, Reccommended for everyone else)
  4. Apocalypse Hulk(Reccommended)


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