Fantendo Crash! Is a kart racing game with fantendo characters thrown in the mix, it is developed by Suplex Studios for The Newt


The Gameplay is very similar to other kart racing games such as Mario Kart, similar to Sonic and Sega all stars racing each character has they're own special power known as "The Crash Attack".

Character Types

In the game there are types for the racers,All - Around, Speedys, Trickys, and Heavys.

All-Around racers have average stats and are perfect for beginners.

Speedy Racers are the fastest racers but have bad off-road.

Tricky racers have great turning and drifting but don't have the best speed

Heavy racers have bad turning but have great off-road.





You can sign up your characters as racers in the game in the comments like so.

  • Name
  • Kart Style (What your characters kart will look like,Motorcycles work too)
  • Character Type
  • Crash Attack
  • Home Track

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