Fantendo Combat Arena (ファン天童 バーチャルバトルアリーナ - Fantendo Bācharu Batoru Arīna, translated into Fantendo Virtual Combat Arena, also known as Fantendo's Virtual Arena Combat in Europe) is a strategic fightning game released for the Nintendo Silver. The main gimmick is the large 3D arena, where characters can freely move and even change the arena around them.

Confirmed Characters

Character Description Moveset
Fandro FJR
Home Series: Fandro RPG
Fandro is a 1000+ years old blob, but that doesn't means that he isn't young enough to battle. He can fly and also has the help of his brother, Bob the Blob.
Lv. 1: Gunk Toss
Lv. 2: Fandrob
Lv. 3: Gush
Mika Sho FJR
Mika Sho
Home Series: The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho
A smart girl with pyrokenesis. She is not a fan of fightning, but when she does needs to fight, she uses her fire abilities.
Lv. 1: Fire Blast
Lv. 2: Fire Dash
Lv. 3: Ember Blast
Home Series: Another World
Zane is a bird who uses everything to protect his home, guns, weapons of all kinds and also can fly.
Lv. 1: Axe-Swing
Lv. 2: Fly
Lv. 3: Axe-Cyclone
Home Series: Doodleland
A brave and wise Verin. He uses a Gunblade that shoots plasma and can also stretch parts of his body such as his arms and legs.
Home Series: Doodleland
Originally the villian of the land of ndoodles, Nightgale is Zak's best friend. She is more of a close-combat-style character.

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