TVs on the planet Earth hadn't worked for days. "This darn thing... can't get any reception." muttered the crazed scientist. He climbed on top of his house and directed his strange tube into the sky. "This oughta fix 'em." He pressed a button on the tube and it zoomed up into the air like a rocket, and a target appeared over a small white metal object. "That there's that satellite!" he laughed. The tube brought the machinery down to the ground and next to his house. "HAHA! PERFECT RECEPTION!" he said as he sat down. "What's dis?" he muttered. The message on the screen was the same as before. Something about special forces. Little did he notice the mysterious man in the black coat sneaking up behind his sagging couch. He turned around too late, and saw his house fading around him as he screamed. He looked down at himself and saw that he was fading too ...

The clerk looked up and saw a man in a black coat. "Oh! This is the City Hall! How can I help-" but she was stopped in midsentance as the man snapped his fingers. Things around him stopped moving. He went into the back room and took out the file of a strange scientist. "Marked as crazy..." he laughed. He took out a watch and put it on the page. It disappeared. In his head, he could hear the sounds of a million phonebooks erasing one entry from themselves. "Now nobody will know."

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