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Developer(s) Logo2OFG
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo NX, Nintendo EX
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
US Flag April 14, 2017

Flag of Japan April 16, 2017

Flag of Australia April 17, 2017

Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013TCERO B12Rating
Media Included Digital Download, Wii U Disc, Nintendo EX Disc
Storage Needed 9.25 GB
Cost Digital: $49.99

Wii U: $49.99

NX: $59.99

EX: $59.99

Max. amount of players 8
Fantendo Coliseum is a crossover fighting spin-off game for the Fantendo Smash Bros. series developed for the Wii U, Nintendo NX, and Nintendo EX by OmegaFire Games. While it isn't a canon part of the timeline, it is hinted to take place after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. The game features characters from all over Fantendo, including those from previous Fantendo Smash installments.


Coliseum's gameplay style is a hybrid of Super Smash Bros and other traditional fighting games. The style of battle is similar to the Super Smash Bros series in which players can move and jump around freely across platforms on a stage and have basic attacks and four special moves. However, unlike Smash Bros, the goal is the deplete all other opponents of their health. They cannot be launched, making battle similar to Stamina Special Smash in Brawl and Smash 4.

There are five types of moves:

  • Standard: Normal/basic attacks.
  • Standard Air: Attacks in midair.
  • Special: Special attacks unique to each character. Like in Smash Bros, there are four types: Standard Special, Side Special, Up Special, and Down Special. Each of them can be executed by pressing the "B" button
  • Meter Special: The version of each special that uses the Ultra Meter to make it slightly different and stronger.
  • Strong: Basically Smash Attacks. They do more damage than standard attacks but are slower.
  • Ultra Smash: These are special moves that can only be performed when the player's Ultra Meter is full. These do a lot of damage and are often hard to dodge. When executed, a short animation is triggered.
  • Final Blow: When the last opponent's health bar(s) is depleted, the player has a chance to perform a Final Blow. They can only be done at the end of the match, aren't as intense as Ultra Smashes, and send the foe flying, resulting in a KO.

The controls are very simplified, with one button used for standard attacks and another used for special attacks like in Smash Bros.

In a battle, fighters have a health bar and numeral value of the bar. The match starts with all opponents at a number of health depending on the settings. The match will start with all players with 100% health for per stock/life. (i.e. 300% for three stocks) When an opponent deals damage, the foe's health goes down. The number of stocks also determines the number of health bars on the player's GUI, for example a player with 3 stocks has three health bars stacked on each other, along with the health percentage, each worth 100% health. After the first bar is depleted, it shatters completely can cannot be recovered, even with healing items.

Unlike most games wHere there are multiple rounds with regenerative health bars, there is only one round that ends when all of players' bars are depleted expect for one, who is the winner.

A fighter can then survive until their health reaches 0%. At this point, their health bar and number shatters, giving the opponent a chance to finish them with a Final Blow. Like Ultra Smashes, this is cinematic-like and will send the foe flying away Smash Bros style, even letting off a Smash Bros-style KO explosion.

Players can knock the opponents off most stages as well. In Coliseum, players can be knocked off-stage via falling into a pit or by being thrown off-stage. Fighters cannot be attacked off stage, and can only be thrown. Neither are possible in some stages however. Some stages have multiple sections, and fighters can be taken to new sections of a stage by hitting an opponent with a strong attack near the edge or corner. This launches the opponent, triggering a transition animation that does damage to the opponent and takes the fight to the new section. There are multiple interactive objects littered through stages as well that can be used by players.

Items are also present in the game, except the Smash Ball since it's replaced by the Ultra Smash and the Ultra Meter.

The Ultra Meter also has another function called Meter Burn. If the player presses L or R while executing a special move, they can sacrifice part of the meter to make the move stronger, and different in a way. (For example, a normal Side Special move fires a missile but the Meter Burn version fires two.)




(Images and Descriptions TBA)

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Amy Jackson Amy vs The Future
Aura Synesthesia Aura's Junkyard
Beck Alton Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike
Ciriesta Azure Stars
David Stack Eximius
Dawn Shadows Fear Fighters (2016)
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Epica Collin Epica & Sarona
Fera Heroforce
Finnigan Nowhere in Particular
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Kadyn Occillo Fantendo Coliseum
Krystal Pérez Amy vs The Future
Leah Needlenam Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture
Lily Dark Woods
Lolly Candy People:Sugar Rush
Melissa Dust Fantendo - Misfits
Meri Golden Soul
Meta-Form Meta-Form (Game)
Möbius Infinity Limit
Rachel Harel Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Stella Anderson STARLIGHT
Strafe Strafe: Heaven Born
Syi Lurking in the Dark
Tr'p Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike


The idea for Fantendo Coliseum started in 2015, when EximiusMax of OmegaFire Games decided he wanted to build a crossover between Fantendo universes. While the idea was kept silent, the project was unveiled on March 5, 2016 in a blog post asking for roster suggestions. He dubbed the project as simply "Fantendo Crossover" until revealing the official name and logo on March 9, 2016. Development started in February 2016, with the gameplay undergoing the most changes between then and March 12, 2016. The final roster was also released on March 12.


While Coliseum hasn't been officially reviewed as of now, the game's progress received positive feedback during production.





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