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These are the answers.

Who did it?


What was used?


Who and what knocked out 4.13?

YoshiEgg Nook and Laser Blaster

Where is the honey?

Living Room


Crackles broke through the door with a crowbar, then stole the honey. When YoshiEgg and Beary arrived, Beary noticed his honey missing and YE saw 4.13. YE knocked 4.13 out, thinking he stole Beary's honey, then went back to Beary. Heart found the crowbar when she went to look for 4.13 and also found a video made by 4.13 when he saw Crackles. She showed it to you and you found 4.13 who gave you the next-to-last clue. You then entered the room where Crackles had hid the honey and solved the mystery.

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