This is for Season 1 episodes of Fantendo: City Life.

Episode Synopsis
1: Welcome To The City!

We've gotten introduced to Fantendo City, all while Unten is getting a job! Meanwhile, Flip opens his guitar shop, but has some trouble keeping his sign up!

Characters: Unten, Netnu, Flip, Cobby, Mika, Data, White, Danni, Gasparo.

2: Walking On Sunshine

Netnu sells his favorite recliner for a bag of "goods." When he opens the bag, The Muse Of Relaxation appears, and turns Unten's house into a beach!

Characters: Netnu, Unten, Mika, Flip, Umbra, Cobby, Muse Of Relaxation.

3: Attempt At A Normal Day

White tries to have a normal day-off, but things keep getting in the way, which ends up in him having to fight for his life!

Characters: White, Magne, Danni, Niobi, Donut Steel

4: The Orangewell Conspiracy

First part of the Gasping for Air-o arc, Unten and Flip come up with a conspiracy theory about Gasparo being an evil genius after being fired from their jobs. Meanwhile, Umbra is taken to an isolated tropical island resort for eternal relaxation and nobdy to bother him....just as he was feeling confident about approaching Mika.

Characters:Unten, Flip, Cobby, Umbra, Gasparo.

5: Orange Skies

Second part of the Gasping for Air-o arc. White is enraged that Gasparo COMPLETLY remodeled his beloved Sky City, renaming it "Orange City." White prepares to start a rebelion against Gasparo, while Mika is concerned about Umbra's sudden disappearance.

Characters: White, Danni, General Scotch, Mika, Gasparo.  

6: Shades of Orange

Third part of the Gasping for Air-o arc. The Anti-Gasparo rebelion is going into full force as White, Scotch, and Danni proceed to grief the Orange House, Gasparo's base of operation. Meanwhile, Unten, Data, Mika, and Percy attempt to build a transporter so they can find Umbra.

Characters: White, Danni, General Scotch, Unten, Data, Mika, Percy. 

7: Orange No More

Fourth and final part of the Gasping for Air-o arc. After constant pestering from White and his rebelion, Gasparo reveals his evil plot to make the citizens fear him, as nobody respected him before. Gasparo decides to retire, and now Spunten and Snaily Joe are competing to take his place. Meanwhile, Unten and Mika are able to use the transporter to find Umbra, but he has gone insane during his time on the island. Can Unten and Mika turn him back to normal?

Characters: Gasparo, Unten, Mika, Umbra, White, Danni, General Scotch. 

8: The Bed-Wetting Theory

When Flip invites everyone to his house for a sleepover, Unten is a bit nervous...but why? The secrets are revealed later that night.

Characters: Unten, Flip, Ella, Mika, Umbra, Cobby, Percy, Catherine, Netnu, Scotch, White, Danni

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