Fantendo Chronicles is a humorous animated series about a guy named Dark and his adventures in Fantendoland City. 

Main Protagonists

The show focuses on Drak and his ragtag group of friends called the RATORTCWHNON (the randomly assembled team of rag tag coolios who have no official name) who go on random adventures fighting bad guys and eating chicken. 

Character Description
FC Dark
The obligatory main protagonist of the series. He is known for delivering sarcastic remarks, but most of the time they aren't neccisary in the slightest. He is the founder and de facto leader of Team RATORTCHWNON, despite others challenging his leadership.  
FC Taylor
A weird kid with a habit of being possessed, Taylor makes no sense whatsoever. He also can never age, as he forever remains 13 years old. He is known to be somewhat immortal, after dying a kajillion times and remaining unaffected. He never seems to take anything seriously and has a very strange sense of humor which people seem to find funny???
FC Dylan


Dylan is the resident magical girl of the group, and thus embodies many magical girl tropes such as the cute animal sidekick and the long-ass transformation sequence. He is usually calm and cheerful, but gets annoyed when he needs to clean up the messes of the other members. (Usually Taylor.) 

Fae An over-the-top gamer who usually makes up with wacky plans to do whatever sort of task. however, 4 times out of 10 are these actually effective. 
Fandro TBA

Supporting Characters

Character Description
FC Evangeline
Evangeline (Or Eva for short) is a girl who is good at singing, dancing, baking, and killing zombies. She is usually the voice of reason of the team, but has her goofy moments.

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