Mini Game Description Controls How to Play Tip
Ice vs. Fire In the Ice Volcano area, choose your element and blaze or freeze your enemy to death, while dodging dangerous debris nearby!
  • DPad: Move
  • AButton: Jump
  • Bbuttonwiiu: Fire/Ice ​Throw
  • Hold Bbuttonwiiu for 5 seconds + release. Charged Element Wave
First choose your element, Ice or Fire, and then control Mr. Blizzard/Blargg to defeat the other player. Getting hit by attacks lowers your health. Avoid falling debris because that will lover your health. Try to move while you charge your attacks, so you can dodge attacks while charging.
Woofbot Race Time to race!, Choose your woofbot and win a race between other Woofbots. Watch out! There's many traps and hazards on the track, try to get many coins as you can to win the race"
  • DPad: Steer
  • AButton: Accelerate
You choose a Woofbot with a color which you want and steer you Woofbot to try to get the coins, press A to gore more faster. Be patient, don't accelerate to much, you will lose time and coins!
A-mazing Can you navigate the great hamster maze? Try not to choose the wrong path or you might find a visious blue poddle that'll be sure to slow you down.
  • DPad:Choose a path.
  • AButton: Confirm
Choose a path with the D-Pad and press A to confirm. If you see a red stone in front of a path it means that one player went through that path and it was either a dead end or a blue poddle.
Boo Catch Oh no! The Boos invaded your house! Use the Nintendo Silver Gamepad to catch them!
  • DPad: Aim
  • AButton: Catch
You need move around looking for Boos, the objective is the suck up every Boo which you can. Aiming with the D-Pad and catch'em pressing A. Sometimes, a rare gold Boo appear, he gives 20 points. Keep attetion on the screen.
Rock 'n' Roll A rock is ready to crush you! Run before the rock gets you, watchout for the traps on the course!
  • AButton/Bbuttonwiiu: Run
Press A or B to run, A makes you run normally and B can make you move more faster. Pressing A and B repeatdly can make you move faster, but, this way, it's more easier to you fall on traps. Don't be too fast.
Wild West Trouble The Fantendo Sheriffs appeared, it's now time to beat up on the bad guys.
  • DPad: Aim
  • AButton: Shoot
Using the D-Pad you aim and press A to shoot. The objective is to attack the enemies that appear on the screen. Holding A the player can auto-aim to the enemies.
Food Time! The food comes! Who will eat more? Let's see!
  • AButton: Eat
Press A when a food appear on the screen. Sometimes a bomb appear, if the player "eats" the bomb, they lose 10 points.
Paint's Adventure Oh oh... you are trapped in a cave, you need escape from the cave using your paint abilities.
  • 3DS Stylus: Draw
You need to use the stylus to draw the pics that appear on the TV Screen on the Nintendo Silver's tablet. You can throw bombs at you enemies, by drawning bombs and pressing B.

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