Hey guys, it's a me, Chief Dongorio!, if you landed on my space, you will gain access to my shop!. So, what items I have? Well see above!

Normal Items

Item Name Cost Description
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf 5 coins
Whoa! What is this? Looks like a Leaf, well, he can create another dice to you move twice! Very cool, huh?
Chief Dongorio

AppleArt Apple 7 coins
Hm... a tasty Apple!, but, this Apple can warp you to random directions! Watch out, this Apple can be a trap!
Chief Dongorio

Chips1FNC Chips 15 coins
Chips, Chips, Chips, they can open doors and other secret passages, they also can be used in another hazards, but, use careful, you can only hold one chip per time.
Chief Dongorio

(image coming soon) Redo Stopwatch 20 coins
Don't you just wish you could fix things that just can't be fixed? This might just help! This will reverse any coin losing, Star Staeling or any other nagitive thing that happend last turn!
Chief Dongorio