This is a two part episode of? Fantendanime? especial episode.

Part 1

  • Narrator':' "The christmas, a nice day where we celebrate the Jesus Christ anniversary, but, in one day, the Santa Claus discovered a place named Fantendoverse, where nobody ever celebrated the christmas, he decided to go to the Fantendoverse to celebrate the christmas on that land, but, something have to happen, the evil forces will not let the Christmas happen on Fantendoverse..."
  • -One of The Enemy's minions enters in The Enemy's place.
  • Minion: "Sir, we have seen a guy coming on the Fantendoverse!"
  • The Enemy: "Who?"
  • Minion: "A guy named Santa Claus, he is a nice guy who gives gifts to the kids."
  • The Enemy: "What?"
  • Minion: "He only appears during a event named? Christmas"
  • The Enemy: "Christmas? What a hell is this?"
  • Minion: "It's a event coming from the? Earth, celebrated by the? Humans? in every December 25th, a event when everybody is happy."
  • The Enemy: "So, this guy wants make a Christmas on Fantendoverse, and everybody will be happy? No way, Master Nion, command my minons to capture this guy."
  • Master Nion: "Okay, master..."

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