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This page lists all adopted characters from Fantendo Character Adoptfest 2015.

Number Picture Owner New Identity
#08 Red Sky Dragon
Blue Alternate, Yellow Alternate,
Orange Alternate, Green Alternate, Purple Alternate
<< All must be adopted in a group. >>
Vonn Karma (tbc) Anataire

A group of bumbling creatures that are the last of their kind. The Anataire are fearsome creatures that create destruction wherever they go and have existed as Keepers of Aether. They tend to only grace the skies but have been appearing around ground recently for some unknown reasons.

#10 Heyheyheyadoptmeplease Somarinoa (tbc) Glupe

Glupe is a member of the Rezyn species, a race of amorphous dogragons believed to be the custodians of Sal'jaedon, the Dragoon God of Creation himself, which would explain their ability to seemingly ignore spacetime and pop up wherever and whenever they deem fit. Known for his super curious and adventurous nature, he loves to help out various adventurers, both with a surprising level of knowledge about various subjects and aiding in solving puzzles or collecting distant items.

#06 Pockette Outfit 1 (without vest)
SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) "Katelynn"

An alien parasite sent on a mission to take the form of an innocent little girl and use this form to leech off of human emotion. She can talk, but the only facial expression she is capable of is some kind of blank stare. God knows what ulterior motive the parasites have for proceeding with this mission.

#17 Chibi Metal White the Popopo (tbc) Screech

These little guys tend to hang out in caves all across Zolara. ...Literally. They hang on the ceilings of caves, and simply lie in wait for their next victim to come by, where they (you guessed it) screech at extreme measures, temporarily paralyzing their victim in shock, and swoop down to feast on its blood. Sounds pretty bad, right? Well, they're pretty vulnerable to attacks (especially those involving light), so they don't prove too much of a threat to the average prepared person.

#22 Pig thingy maybe Vonn Karma (tbc) Xcle

Xcle is a former Zinnaire until she went insane and became a deformed version of her normal race. She was shunned from society and remained hidden for life, in response she went YOLO decided to leave her homeplanet and explore the galaxy where someone would accept her. Due to her stiff legs, Xcle moves using her tail which has great flexibility and she can fold it into different shapes.

#05 Adopt GreenReaperGod (tbc) Chip

Chip was originally just like any other T-20 Drilling Robot being mass produced at Plaft Industries. He was sent to a mining facility, only to be abducted by the Quadrunners and experimented on. His drill was powered up, along with several other changes. Chip was able to escape from the Quadrunners when the Federacy retaliated and attacked them. Chip met with Mach Rider soon after. The two became friends. Chip is able to unlock new areas by digging and can even use his drill as a weapon. He has a very dry sense of humor and always points out the flaws of the human race.

#16 Tall Thing Exotoro (tbc) Debutante enemy

Class One, they feed on the grass which later produces toxic sludge all over the landscape. This sludge is deadly to the touch.

#09 MeltingMan Mirai Moon (tbc) Maheloas Khrupkiy

In the land of Somnus Locus (aka "Sleeping Room"), Maheloas was the ruler of all the Ludibrium (aka "plaything"). Known for his magical prowess, Maheloas protected the Ludibrium from the giant known to them as Jimmy, who tears apart their villages and kidnaps Ludibrium, bringing them to the prison known as the Ludibrium Chest. One time, Jimmy kidnapped Maheloas and left him in the sunlight, causing him to slowly melt. He managed to escape, though barely kept his shape. Cast away from the other Ludibrium, Maheloas wanders the world of Domum ("house"), trying to find a way to revert back to his old appearance, along the way fighting the various Ludibrium who were kidnapped and made insane by their time in the Chest.

#23 PPadopt2 Mirai Moon (tbc) Vita

She could be the goddess of nature, though unlike Viridi, she actually likes the humans who have destroyed the planet. She claims that everything comes to an end, and the humans will die out at some point. She's sweet and naive, the youngest of the six main gods, though cares deeply for how others see her. She tries to act older and more grown up, but in the end remains a child on the inside.

#40 Checker Specter Exotoro (tbc) FourFace

a entity that lurks in the dream world. It talks with four faces, each arguing over who gets to speak. The body is it's own entity, with it often moving on it's own independent of what any of the four faces are saying.

#37 Armour Nightmare Somarinoa (tbc) Vjah the Knowledge Eater

Of all the powers vying for control over the galaxy, Vjah is one of the most successful villains, ranking right alongside the Dragoon god of destruction, Vuul'huukos. Although his motives are unclear, what is clear are his goals: He seeks to consume the memories and knowledge of the universe. Read more...

#38 Plasmaphantomsprite Somarinoa (tbc) Myrmiddax

Myrmiddax is the champion of the underworld. In life, Myrmiddax was a Yggdrassil general under Sal'jaedon's command during Vuul'huukos' betrayal of his lord and invasion of various Jaedonist planets -- primarily Diakatan -- utilizing his equally powerful and devastating Vggdrassil. Myrmiddax led his battalion to many successful battles, but in the end Vuul saw him as a serious sore in his side. The newly-crowned Dragoon god of destruction himself moved down upon the battlefield and attacked the general. Although he fought valiantly, in the end he fell. It is said that no one has ever lasted as long against Vuul'huukos, and that Myrmiddax had been struck a mortal wound well before he finally fell, being driven on by nothing more than his sheer determination. Read more...

#02 Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 6.48.13 pm MeGa eXal (tbc) Zenyokus

Zenyokus is an Input Angel who keeps the balance between the inputs on the CN announcers' television, some of these being the TV input (which they use to watch CN shows), the DVD player input, and the Wii U input. The TV Remote specifically enlisted him to protect the television from any hacks or glitches that arrive. Zenyokus can get bogged down in his own strict discipline, which could potentially lead to his downfall.

When Mr. N, the younger CN announcer, finds an NES Power Glove and tests it out, it continuously glitches and changes the input, causing a rift of Cartoon Network and Nintendo dimensions, as well as third-party worlds. Zenyokus is sent to find heroes to stop the Power Glove.

#40 BirdyThing TheFoxyRiolu (tbc) Unmei

A small, winged hero from the Land of Fire. His land has been taken over by The Elemental Legion, a group of mysterious forces that wield powerful magic. With his land abandoned by the people who live there, Unmei goes on a quest to take down the Elemental Legion before the entirety of Fate's Continent is destroyed by the Elemental Legion's wrath.

#57 Rated18forgraphicsax NepetaLast (tbc)

This shy guyd never though he would end this way. on the day of his band recital (do those exist?) he played his heart out, but it wasnt enough. he was punished to eternal saxaphoning for simply not being jazzy enough. after what feels like millinea (and it has been that long), he has now honed his craft; no one in the land can rock a better tune than him. but alas, it is too late; his punishment has already been given, and he will live the rest of his days and beyond banished into the infernal woodwind.

#58 Adoption Guy Werewoof16 (tbc) Penta

A creature composed of multi-colored two-dimensional polygons. He collects assorted shapes and oblongs to morph it into weapons such as mallets and arrows. Penta is usually very cheerful and carefree but he is easily scared by anything such as flies or dust. If he collects a certain amount of shapes he can morph into 3D objects like weights, cubes and cylinders. But if he gets attacked by an enemy he breaks apart to his original form losing his enlarged shape proportions.

#53 YellowBlurb TerrariaBoss (tbc) Gooey

A goomy who is more shiny then usual, he can spit goo on the ground that will make sure the person who steps on it will be unable to move for days, months, years, possibly centuries. He can also spit goo into peoples eyes that blinds them. Whenever he sees a easily gullible person, he tricks them into doing his bidding, he then blinds them the second they realize what they're really doing, and sticks them to the roof. There's only been one case of somebody realizing what they're doing and surviving.

#45 Vonndopting Werewoof16 (tbc) Kimberly Wyarrs

Kim is a 20 year old girl who wields bracelets that can construct burning wireframe projectiles to use against foes. She recieved them as a gift when she was a 18 years of age before her father passed away due to lung cancer. She practiced combat with the bracelets the day she earned them and when she reached age 20, she successfully mastered the arts of wireframe combat. Read more...

#32 Armour Face CryoticYoshi (tbc) Alpazor

A minor god that has taken form of a small being, when the being was possessed it was given a helmet to restrict some of the power, to stop the god from causing too much destruction. Either way, he still has amazing power. He does not have arms, however he does have minor telekinesis, enough to lift a full-grown cow. Alpazor does have the power to travel between a few dimensions. He also has the ability to harness the sun's power to power himself up.

#33 Armour Serpent CryoticYoshi (tbc) Alpazor Alpha

Alpazor's second form, which is summoned after Alpazor's helmet is damaged, which allows Alpazor to alter his power to become slightly better, turning him into Alpazor Alpha. Like Alpazor, he has telekenisis, which is slightly enhanced in this form. He also has the abilty to control water and can spew a deadly poison from the spike in his back. After being in this form for awhile, Alpazor's helmet heals and puts him back to normal.

#51 Adoptedfromthepound CryoticYoshi (tbc) Firrball

A stray dog who was granted the power of super jumping, being able to scale a 5 story building with one jump. Firrbal was granted this power after a science experiment, he was to be kept to be experimented on but escaped during a breakout of an octopus lion hybrid, finding himself in the United States. Firrbal lives in an abandoned building on the top floor. He will do pretty much anything for a gourmet dog treat, and can sniff one out abnormally easy.

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