The Fantendo Character Adoptfest is an idea created by White the Popopo (tbc) and Yveltal717 (tbc), which allows you to adopt a character if you can come up with a biography and a name that suits them. It originally started in 2014 with the Fantendo Character Adoptfest 2014.


For all:

  • No trolling: Yes, adding images or mentions of Frollo will be counted as spamming.
  • Only comment if you are wishing to submit or adopt a character.
    • Exceptions include discussion on changes to the Adoptfest formula and the promotion of more "staff" members.

For those adopting:
In order to adopt a character, you must provide a description for the character you wish to adopt. That way, if there are multiple people who wish to adopt a single character, we can vote by whose description is the most creative.

  • No inappropriate names/profiles: Characters must not be based around controversial subjects.
  • No inappropriate adopts: Users applying must wish to use these characters in an upcoming project.
  • No generic generic profiles: Characters must stand out.

For those submitting:

  • Character should be nameless: Submitted characters can be identified through their number or image name.
  • Characters can not be pre-existing unless their original owner no longer wants them.
  • Characters can not be generic recolors.
  • Characters can not be adopted by the one who submitted them: The submitter may request that the character be removed, however.
  • Art should not be made with the sculptgl program.
You are allowed to submit ideas for multiple characters; there is no limit on how many you can adopt.

Users Capable of Approving Submissions

The following users are capable of approving adoption requests. Two or more of these users must agree to the submission in order for a user to be granted permission of using the character:

Solarrion (tbc)
Mirai Moon (tbc)
Trucky (tbc)
GamingDylan (tbc)
Yveltal717 (tbc)
SuperDuperMarioKirby (tbc)

Description Ranking System

To determine the legitness of a description,we'll be using a Star Ranking System,otherwise known as the SRS to see if the description provided to us is viable enough to become the information for a character :

Characters For Adoption

See the archives for previously adopted characters.
See the dump for previously expired characters.
Character Number Original Creator Expiration Date
Lumogo character bust #04 Lumogo December 1, 2015
Narwhal #07 SuperLuigi22 December 1, 2015
Gasp #11 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Pigsy #12 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Green Blobby Dude #26 Mirai Moon December 1, 2015
Blue... thing #31 Lumogo December 1, 2015
Fuzzfunk #41 Exotoro December 1, 2015
HappyBabyDemon #42 Exotoro December 1, 2015
Nizzle and Zorp #43 Exotoro December 1, 2015
TenshiChar #44 Yami no Tenshi December 1, 2015
Characteradopt2 #46 Trucky December 1, 2015
OrphanCandyDog #47 Hamclub13 December 1, 2015
CTRP #48 Flameguy9981 December 1, 2015
AligatorThingy #49 Ferrox December 1, 2015
Wave 2 adopt 2 #50 Yveltal717 December 1, 2015
Heatster #52 ϞPlazzapϟ December 1, 2015
Glyde #54 ϞPlazzapϟ December 1, 2015
AstrizTheChatelian #55 Yami no Tenshi December 1, 2015
Lockyadoptthing #56 .vectorDestiny November 1, 2015
Reddy Spiky Monster #59 Lumogo December 1, 2015
Insect #13 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
High Horn #14 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Spaceship #15 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Ship Clay #18 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Mutant #21 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Beaked Insect #24 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Crab Monster #27 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Octorok 3D #28 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Blue Spider #29 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
Shield 3D #30 Shadow Inferno December 1, 2015
1445469530026 #60 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469572033 #61 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469603796 #62 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469673234 #63 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469713564 #64 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469771634 #65 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
1445469884866 #66 Werewoof16 December 1, 2015
Octokaizer #67 Golem Guy (Neo) December 1, 2015


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