For the 2015 version, see here.

What is this?

Fantendo Character Adoptfest is a idea created by White the Popopo and Yvetal, which allows you to adopt a character if you can come up with a bio and a name that suites them.


  • No inappropriate names
  • No inappropriate Bios
  • No trolling
  • No frollo
  • No spamming
  • No inappropriate adopts
  • No generic anything (make them stand out)
  • Character has to be nameless
  • Character can't be pre-existing, it has to be new
  • Creators are allowed to adopt characters, but not their own. 
  • If you are allowed to add characters, do not start a new wave until either:
    • It hits the cap of 18 characters.
    • One of the founders of the Adoptfest grants their consent.

Why isn't this a Blog?

2 people can't edit a blog, so the legit alternative would be to make a page. (the simplified answer)

People Who Can Put Characters Up For Adoption


People Who Can Approve Adoptions

Characters For Adoption

View previous waves of adopted characters at Fantendo Character Adoptfest 2014/Archives.

Wave 4

Picture Owner For Adoption Not for Adoption
FreckleFlower .vectorDestiny X
Heyeyadoptme TimeSoul X
Adopter4 TimeSoul X
Dark'sAdoptabew .vectorDestiny X
Adoption Guy X
FerretThingy .vectorDestiny X
Cyan blue cat adopt thing Sir. Wright X
Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 6.48.13 pm X
Adoptmeplz X TimeSoul
AdoptThisPhantomChick X
Evadopt01 Vonn Karma X
Lumogo character bust X
Girl adoptable Awesome Betterhero X
Black and white adopt thing Vonn Karma X
Adopt X
Plsadoptme X
Narwhal X

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