Fantendo Chaos is a game by Bomb Productions Games and Twenty-Second Choice. Please do not edit except for spelling errors. It features brand new characters, though it does features very few past Fantendo characters.


For more, see Fantendo Chaos/Story...


  Rain poured down on the wet soil of the field. Lightning struck in the sky above and made a ghastly streak of yellow. Suddenly, a dark, cloaked figure sped past a few strands of dry, nearly dead grass. He put on his hood as he ran past a muddy area. Every step of his feet shook the ground below him. A burning cottage was seen in the distance in front of him. He started running quicker and suddenly became more agile. As he reached the burning building, he noticed another figure crawling out of the building. He ran faster and stopped. The figure crawling out of the building stopped and collapsed at the dark figure's feat. The other figure was an old, red fox. He was badly burnt and his legs and most of his lower body were missing.

"My god..." said the cloaked figure, staring down at the legless fox.

"Sir..." cloaked the fox, "Th-there's nothing you can do for me... Go n-now... My time is up..."

"Who did this?" asked the cloaked figure.

"I-it was the dark one!" squealed the fox, "The dark one who has n-no name! Destroyer of w-worlds! Oh!!"

"Get a hold of your self, old man..." said the cloaked figure, "How did he-"

"STOP!" squealed the old fox, "He-He knows you... He screamed your name! I-I know you!! Your name again is... Missle?"

But, the cloaked figure was gone. At that moment, the old, legless fox died on the floor, the burning cottage collapsing behind him........

Playable Characters




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