Fantendo Castle is the hub world in Fantendo Hearts. It is inhabited by characters from many Fantendo games, mainly ones who are from an existing series, or minor characters without a world. It is ruled by King Unten.

It is the only level without any enemies, save for the boss, Sunnyscythe.


The castle is located on a cliff, with a large gap in it. It is only held up by two small pillars of earth. The world appears to be eternally night time, making the castle almost blend in with the sky. It is not known where the castle is located exactly, but it is rumored to be located in Zeon, Unten's Home World.

The castle itself is navy blue. The roof is a sky-blue color, and is where King Unten resides. There is also a flagpole with a flag holding a Hidden Unten.

Fantendo Origins appearances

A giant house looking very similar to Fantendo Castle appears in Fantendo Origins game The Fan Commeth. Another version of 'Fantendo Castle' is seen in The End and Balance Oblivion. This castle is smaller, orange, and more old-fashioned. It resembles a house in Bermuda Island somewhat. Also that Fantendo Castle has a small graveyard similar to a church's graveyard with the most important graves near a small bush. The castle seen here is destroyed in The End and had previously taken damage in Balance Oblivion.


  • Throughout the level, there are several circular structures and emblems with Unten-like ears. These have come to be known as Hidden Untens, based off of Disney's Hidden Mickeys.

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