Howdy! Poisonshot here. I'm gonna preview a few stuff here over time.


P.O.I.S.O.N. (which currently stands for "Poisonshot's Online Interactive Super Original Nightmare", an obvious placeholder name) is an umbrella game. That's all I'm gonna reveal currently, more information is gonna be revealed in the true presentations.

Update: Character guessing because whynaut. (btw, there's likely only gonna be 1 rep per user/game, just to help a bit) I'll reveal the characters in the presentations.

  • Because look at him!</li>
  • From one of my games, but not SNAFierce.</li>
  • Rock fairy.</li>
  • Vitamins!</li>
  • Likes spaghetti and puzzles.</li>

    Several Nights at Fierce's

    Large changes are going to happen to the Several Nights at Fierce's games. I'm going to remodel the animatronics so they look a LOT better. The first game will have new and more creative mechanics as well. Once again, I'm not gonna reveal the mechanics. Once I'm done remastering SNaF1 and re-picturing SNaF2, I'm probably going to actually reveal stuff about SNaF3 instead of stalling it for even longer. There isn't a reason to hide it's content anyways, right?

    Probably going to post teasers of the new models over time here, until the showcase.

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