Hello everybody and welcome to our previews for the Fantendo Carnival showcase. We will give a limited preview of what is to come. Note that most of these don't have full names yet.

*Untitled RPG crossover* 

This seems to be our biggest project and the one we here are working the hardest on. The trailer will come out when the showcase begins and 2 of the 4 other series will be announced. The main characters however are actually original characters. This game will feature 4 different RPG franchises.  

Sonic Light Speed

Sonic Light Speed is a new project that takes advantage of the old and new characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog and puts them in this amazing platforming game. More info to be shown on either the 13th or 12th. (Possibly the 13th)

Mario & Sonic: End of a rivalry 

Yes. This is a Mario and Sonic platformer that puts each other in diferent places. Sonic in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario on Mobius. This game is a joint project with Sega.

*Untitled Mario Spinoff Game*

This one is a suprise

Splatoon: Winner Takes all

This is based off of the Splatoon Anime series and is part of the 4th Season which fetures the Inklings vs the Octolings battle royale. It will be decent in length so you don't get bored and there is so much more you can do. 

*Untitled Revival of Mega Man Slash*

Yes we are reviving it after about 4 months of no news on the game. This game will feture the 8-Bit we saw in 9 and 10 but this time a new feture is to make sure the game sticks out. 

These are all of are planned announcments

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