Howdy! I mean, hi. We've got some exciting news, but we still got quite a few days to go before we can reveal everything that's been brewing over here. So, we've made these teasers to hopefully keep you satisfied until then. Enjoy!

Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All

Expect a couple of newcomers to be brought to light on the day of the festival! We're not going to give out any hints, but we've also got more than that to talk about. The Smash Legacy, an offline 1-2 player campaign featuring nearly the entire cast, some new foes, and a large amount of levels to explore, will be talked about more in depth when the time comes.

What Else?

As of right now, Invento Games only has one game under their belt that has been shown to the public. Why don't you have a sneak-peak at what we have planned?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

You know about Mystery Dungeons, right? Near endless labyrinths that are created all over our world, that hold hostile Pokemon and endless treasures. As of late, however, they don't change anymore. Almost as if they lost the "mystery" part, huh?

The next installment in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series will be developed by Invento. Further details have yet to be released.

Additional Previews are on their way, all in due time.

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