You can truly find a shot at redemption. How you may ask? Just follow me...

Hey guys! FluffyYoshi here, with Fluffy Productions preview! I'll preview some things I will be covering this showcase! Enjoy!


Fighters of Redemption

to the arena that will change your life. Have fun.

Fighters of Redemption is an upcoming fighting-game for the Pacifico. More about characters and gameplay will be revealed at the actual showcase.

Yin Yang

Dark and light. Not evil and good. Stop looking at this from a wrong perspective.

Yin Yang is an upcoming RPG about what the title implies. This quote comes from one of the main characters, Perennia.


What am I doing on this deserted planet. I am stuck. I am going insane. I feel like laughing and crying. Matt, what have you done? WHERE ARE YOU?


Hello there. Are you looking to have some, fun little boy? I guess only my kind can help you. This won't hurt a bit. Stop screaming, don't be scared.

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