Hello, welcome to Cryobyte's preview for a new upcoming game, and enjoy this new teaser.

Mystery Project Preview

Aran Leverletto stumbles through a burning town as maniacal laughter echoes throughout his ears. He turns around as a shadow walks out from a building.

It then cuts to the Misfits building, with a giant hole in it. It then shows Melissa Dust, who seems to be almost fully recovered, staring at the hole.

Then Aran is standing ontop of a giant base, staring at a man who is watching as planes take off into the sky. Aran begins to sprint toward him as the man turns around.

Bombs then descend down unto a city, as people run while pieces of building collapses, as people are crushed by a massive building that topple over.

Melissa is then seen being held by the neck by an angry Former Four, who begins to laugh.

The trailer then cuts to black.

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