Hello people if i get grammar wrong please tell me. So sense it is the 20th anevrsary of a games series & a 25th aneversary for a defrrent game series, & the 30th aneversary for a deffrent game series i will be doing them.

Teaser 1

It is going to be pokmon themed 10 new Pokemon will be revealed. Pictures of some of my pokemon.

Click Here To go to The game i made.

Grons Evelution Gorion.

Welers Evelution Weelier.

Pennyling a pokemon found in route 12.

Tirea a Pokemon found in the Founded Factory.

You may be thinking why is the evelution of burnagoat not on here, cause this is a teaser, he is coming!


As most of you most likely know, it is the 25th aneversary of Sonic, And i am having more games on him, but not for the showcase. I have two games in one so with out further delay here they are.

Yes Sonic & the Secret Rings 3D. It has some slight diffrinces & really big diffrences in the story.
Teaser 2

& then Sonic & the Black Knight 3D, it in the story it introduces Sir Lamorak, Sir Galahad, & Sir Tristan.
Teaser 2 Cool Style

I will show more about it later when i tell you about them other wise Bye.


Yes im pretty sure you know what it is already. Ledgands of Zelda Protector of The Triforce, witch You Rudely Deleted! But the thing is its not, i have a new idea for my new Zelda game please see the small hint im giving you

  • Yes My New Zelda Game

Thats all, i have realized i reaveal two much in my teasers, so no more. i hope you have had fun bye.

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