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Welcome to some previews about shit. 


Expect to see in february a fuckton of new content being annoucned for Elementals. I'll also announce the final DLC for a bit (expect me to actually add more DLC to the game after this... I don't know, 3-8 months?) 


A brand new console previously announced at the Spooky Scary Showcase, i'll be talking about launch games and stuff.


Remember that little teaser that I put in for the holiday showcase for flaming games? (which is actually the only thing I managed to announce)?

Well expect more on that, oh and now it's offically by Boss Games. 


I had a old game in my old company called Sports Play 3D. It's being rebooted as a Boss Games game. 

The Unnamed Umbrella (TUU)

Remember that umbrella game I announced yesterday? I'll be revealing more characters, the specific stages, and a bit of a story mode.

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