Day 0



The trailer begins with the U.S. Army fighting against a group of terrorists in a shoot out in a city destroyed by war. During the battle, the scene switches focus to one of the army members who is shot in the head by a bullet. The scene goes black and only the audi can be listened, as the shoot out begins to end and the others notice the fact that the army member has been shot down. At this point the music starts.

David Bowie - Lazarus
~Look up here, I'm in heaven~
~I've got scars that can't be seen~
~I've got drama, can't be stolen~
~Everybody knows me now~

During the scenes the music play, the army members put the hounded fighter inside a plane, who recieves the first aid. The doctor gives a pre-eliminary statement that he might come out alive but that would require Protocol 70x7 to be executed. The general and other people on the plane starts to argue if Protocol 70x7 is an ethic thing to do or not but they decide to do it anyway if it has a chance to bring the man back to live. The sound of the people arguing starts to get lower and becomes mute as the song continues.

~This way or no way~
~You know, I'll be free~
~Just like that bluebird~
~Now ain't that just like me?~
~Oh I'll be free~

After this the song fades out. Silence issues. Fifteen seconds of full silence, no music, no people talking nothing. After that, the sound starts to return slowly. It is no longer black, as the person who was shot starts opening his eyes. He notices people around him looking happy and surprised.

A man comes close to him and says "Welcome back to life, Lazarus." and the man responds "Where am I?", with a scientist looking at him and replying, "You are in heaven." and then pauses his speech for a moment. After that he says, "Outer Heaven. You are the first succesful lab rat of Project 70x7. We are here that say you were victorius, Snake. You came back to life. And now we need you for a special mission."


To be continued.

Day 1



The trailer begins in the night, only with a silhouette to be seen looking at the moon. No music, only the sound of the ambient around him, crickets, water, the wind, etc. The silhouette is there and starts talking.

"Purpose. I was created with only one purpose in mind." The silhouette looks up in the skies. "I was created outside here. I was meant to kill somoene. I didn't finished my mission after I realized I have no real purpose now." The silhouette moves away from the moon. "I guess it is time to find one now.", a brief flash of purple light starts glowing around the area, revealling that the silhouette is actually Shadow the Hedgehog. "Huh?", Shadow asks in confusion as he attempts to find the purple light once again. He finds the source and it is actually from an armor who emits purple lights from the helmet. The owner of the armor removes the helmet to reveal that she is Shade the Echidna. "I've seen that you are quite the fighter after the fight against that hedgehog. Maybe someone like you can help me.", she says. "What kind of help?", Shadow replies. "I need someone that can stop total chaos. And when I mean chaos, I mean Chaos. Y'know that mythological creature that is actually a real thing?", Shade replies muttering through her words. "I'm sorry, what?", Shadow asks confused. "There is a water blob creature that is going to destroy the whole city if we don't stop it first.", Shade says very fast. "I don't have much to do so, I'm going to help you." Shadow replies as the two shakes hands.



The trailer begins after the other one ended. This time, the focus is shifted to Knuckles as he travels through a weird and mystical place. "What is this place?", Knuckles says as he looks around the shiny green walls and golden gems that fill the place. "It looks like time hasn't got to this place yet.", Knuckles once again says to himself as he continues to be amazed by the location that he is in. Knuckles sees water on the palace and goes to check it out. At first, the water reflects his own face but it starts moving on it's own to reveal another face, the face of Chaos. "What the!?" Knuckles says as he jumps out to not be attacked by the creature. Knuckles meets up with Chaos 0 and the two battle. Knuckles manages to turn Chaos 0 back to it's puddle mode and appears to be defeated. "What is this?", Knuckles asks and unexpectedly gets an answer. "That is a water creature known as Chaos, a mythological creature of the Echidna mythology.", says a female voice. "Who is there?", Knuckles turns around and asks, then he sees a female lynx holograph in front of him. "Oh, I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself before. I am known as NICOLE. for short, a researcher A.I. made by Dr. Maria Robotnik.", NICOLE replies. "Robotnik...? Like as in that crazy doctor?", Knuckles asks in a confused tone. "Oh, I see you have met one of Maria's relatives. Don't worry she is not as crazy as Ivo. At times.", NICOLE replies and notices that the water puddle starts moving again. "We better exit here before Chaos wakes up.", NICOLE advises, "Good idea.", Knuckles says before punching a wall and creating an easy exit.


Creatures of the Night

The trailer begins with the narration from an old man in a lake. "Legends have been told that there were several creatures living among us that have gained powers by an unknown, strange force. They lived through out many centuries and according to the myth, to this day still lives with us as creatures known as the Darkstalkers. While sometimes legends are true, I doubt this one is.", the old man says as he laughs for a bit and throws his fishing rod on a lake to catch a fish. He notices that the line is moving and tries to reel in the fish, only to reveal it is actually Rikuo, a merman.


"I'm sorry, I was just hungry. I will return to the water now.", Rikuo says as he jumps back into the lake. "Forget what I said before, this is a true legend. And a very weird fish.", the old man says about what just happened, before noticing what appears to be a very strong hurricane, only that he later notices by looking upwards it is a portal between dimensions. Demons starts appearing from the other side of portal. "Well, that's enough life for today.", as the old man picks up his stuff and casually walks away from the windstorm. From the portal, emerges Jedah, a royal demon.


"Hello, Earth!", Jedah says happily. "It is time that we meet each other. Very close. In fact, it will be so close that we will both merge together!", Jedah says and then starts laughing maniacally. A news helicopter comes in to film what is happening. In the meanwhile, a teenager from London notices what is going on by watching it on the news. She is shocked by what she sees and accidentally drops a notebook, revealing her name, Anita.


The trailer ends with a pirate ship landing on an island filled with demons "Ahoy, mates! We have a very special mission today!", the leader of the pirate ship says, "Today, mates, we are going to find those demons and defeat them once and for all!", the leader says very loudly. "Captain Ruby Heart, why are we going to do this?", says one of the crew members.


"Are you afriad of some creatures with messed up faces. Don't worry! After you stab them long enough, we will be the ones recieving the cash from people thanking us later!", Ruby Heart says as the camera goes behind her, showing off the a portal with demons coming out of this, as the trailer ends.


The New Challengers

The trailer begins with a battle between Ryu and Mega Man. The two attack each other with their own unique abilities, until Ryu manages to hit Mega Man with a Shoryuken which causes a system failure on Mega Man, which requires a reboot and make him vulnerable for a short time. Ryu attempts to finish off Mega Man by utilizing a powerful Hadoken, but when he shoots it, someone appears in his way and hits the Hadoken with a projectile of his own. The mysterious foe turns around only to reveal that he is...



The gameplay then extends to show Guile's gameplay, such as his moves as well his super abilities. At one point, Guile is shown fighting against Zero, who proceeds to defeat Guile. Zero walks away from the field of combat only to notice something coming at him fast. He blocks it with his own sword until it is revealed that the opponent was...

Zero New PokèMin Reppng

ZERO (Mega Man X)

Zero then proceeds to defend the attacks from his Mega Man X version, the later proceeds to utilize his abilities from the Mega Man X games, only for Zero from Mega Man Zero copy it utilizing his Z Knuckle. The battle goes with them being equal and never managing to get a strike on one another. A third-party comes in and makes fun of the two. "You two are weak, I can defeat you two singlehandely." says...



DmC Dante decides to take on against the two Zeros by himself. The trailer then shows gameplay footage in a battle with DmC Dante and Mega Man X Zero fighting against each other, showing of their own unique abilities in combat. The trailer then switches back to CGI, as it shows...



...watching the battle from afar. At first, he turns around and exits from the stage, only to be intercepted by Morrigan, who proceeds to challenge him to a fight. Then it shows gameplay of Demitri fighting against Morrigan, showcasing Demitri's playstyle as well the return of Demitri's signature move, Midnight Bliss, which turns the character into the opposite gender for a short time. The trailer ends as the newcomers all find themselves in one place and in the start of their battle.



Game Showcase

Metal Gear Solid VI

Sonic Blur: Episode β


Capcom Fighting All-Stars

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Open the Game

Proud Legacy

Game Showcase

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Neo Bomber

Shoot for the Stars


Humble Beginnings

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