Originally I was going to present things, but instead I left the wiki before I could even showcase anything. Oops. But I'll tell you a bit of what I'm working on: an umbrella with Exo, stupid series, continuing Syi-Fi, reworking Nature Warrior and a few other series, building upon my empire, etc.

This presentation is extremely short but frankly I don't have the time, nor energy to expand this into a full on presentation, and I'm sorry if you're disappointed by that.

  • Exo and Snicks Project
  • Mother Earth: The Noxious Present
  • Syivyania
  • Fandraxonian Dating Simulator
  • The Indefinite Reality of Snicks
  • A General's Journey reboot
  • A horror game that's not a FNAF rip off
  • ...and quite a bit more!



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