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Welcome! This is a thing I'm doing and I'm gonna show you what I can show.

Day 1: Tayshaun stuff

A barren wasteland can be seen. A young man walks through the dusty ruins. He comes across a sword, which appears to have been shoved into the ground. He takes it out, questioning it's power. A dark shadow shows up behind him, and he turns around. They go into a fight, followed by the young man escaping.

Tayshaun's Adventure 2 Coming soon...

Day 2: Amy stuff and other stuff

A pair of feet walk through Los Angeles. The camera pans up to show Amy's face.

"This city is slowly becoming hell."

The camera turns around to a large fight, with a portal looming over it all. Mr. D'Angelo appears, seemingly ready to take Amy out. She reacts quickly and throws him back a long distance.

"It's my duty to protect everyone I know and love, and to protect Earth from what it's gonna be."

Amy walks further to show a mysterious shadow looming over her, which is shown to be Carli's griffin form.

Amy's Showdown
Coming in 2016

A young woman with black hair walks through a dark corridor, looking away from the camera. She opens two large doors and sees a gigantic crowd stood below.

"People of this universe! I am your new ruler!"

There is a loud cheer as the young woman takes in all the celebrating and turns away from them, wondering how she got her crown.

The Pérez Chronicles

Day 3: New stuff

A group of people are seen in a silhouette appearance. As each of them step forward, a bio shows up.

"Lars Ostrovsky, 19 years old, from Stockholm, Sweden."
"Emma Jackson, 17 years old, from Bolton, England."
"James McCloud, 18 years old, from Montpelier, Vermont."
"Chase Jones, 23 years old, from Nassau, The Bahamas."
"Sammy Johnson, 29 years old, from Malibu, California"
"Mac Campbell, 21 years old, from San Salvador, El Salvador."
"Al-Farouq Cardona, 16 years old, from Mecca, Saudi Arabia."
"Dino Snyder, 17 years old, from Yellowknife, Northwestern Territories."
"Javier Villa, 20 years old, from Arica, Chile."
"Anna Edmondson, 24 years old, from Edmonton, Alberta."
"Alex Schmidt, 18 years old, from Cologne, Germany."

James cuts the bios short.

"How many more do we have?!"

A deep voice booms out: "The Not-So-Wonderful 75"

James: Oh, for fuck's sake!


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