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Hello, People of Fantendo. Welcome to my Carnival Showcase. As of now I only have one game (The others,being on a long standby). That game is ~Wild World~. Now. Lets dive in and start getting WILD!!!

Day 2 - A Late opening???

To start off this Baller Showcase.  Lemme state, that animals won't be added for a really long time. I know that takes away from the purpose of the game, but there is a shit ton to do regarding them. So don't come complaining, that there aren't any animals. I. AM. AWARE. Now, I would like to start off with a new feature that I wanted to implement a whole lot earlier, but never found the time to do till now. That feature was to make a group of clubs known as Guilds

The purpose of a Guild, is to not only give you certain buffs, and have more relations with other villagers. It's also a way to gain more tactics, in the art of taming animals, in the distant future.  So far, there are 15 guilds in total.

  • These are placeholder names*
  • Justice Guild
  • Mining Guild
  • Cookie Guild
  • Medic Guild
  • Marine Guild
  • Adventure Guild
  • Botany Guild
  • Animosity Guild
  • Wizardry Guild
  • Symphony Guild
  • Peace Guild
  • Karate Guild
  • Textiles Guild

Though some of these seem really random to have. They do play a significant roll in the game. Now you may be wondering. "Who the hell is actually running these guilds". Well the answer is these guys.

    Axel MugshotHanii MugshotVerne Mugshot

These are some of the leaders from the guilds. They're from the Marine, Cooking and Medic Guilds respectively. These images are very outdated, and will most likely be replace sometime during the showcase. But for now, they just look like this. Their job is to run the guild they founded, and to let you join the guild. In the distant future, there will possibility be uniforms that can be used to customize your avatar, based off the guilds.

Lastly regarding the guilds, everyone that is in a guild will have an armband, with color variations of RedCyan ,Yellow Dark Grey , and finally the main color of the guild in question. These signify the ranking of the guilds. The higher rank you are in the guild, the more advance the buff you obtain is. (Ex. Red Armband is x1, Yellow is 4x). Also, in the future every guild will have a rival (It may or may not be the leaders themselves), people in the guilds can rank up if you help them with certain tasks, and you may have more authoritative commands if you are a exceedingly high ranking member.


This is a WIP of a character in the Cooking Guild.

More will be explained later, but thank you for following the development of ~Wild World~

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