Day 1

Day 2

Welcome to Fantendo Carnival Showcase! We have some pretty cool stuff coming up. First we will showcase a couple new characters for my Fantendo game, Blueblood Complex. Here is the trailer for one of the new characters.

It's a chilly Autumn day and Unten, Mika Sho, Squav, Reese, and Fandro are hanging out doing whatever. Fandro and Reese are playing cards, Mika is creating a bonfire, Unten is sipping a can of unbranded soda, and Squav is picking acorns off the trees. Suddenly a rush of light occurs and it becomes Spring.

The characters are perplexed when suddenly a blonde girl wearing a pink dress comes down from the sky and challenges them to a battle.


Alice Harumi Springs into Action!

The trailer then shows a montage of gameplay footage and it ends with Alice joining Reese and Fandro's card game and beating the two. In a post credits scene, you can see a girl wearing light blue clothing changing the weather from spring to winter. 

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

In our last day, we will be revealing yet another trailer for Blueblood. This reveals the last few starting characters.

Mika Sho and Starla are on a strange planet, inhabited by sphere-shaped creatures. After a bit of exploring, Mika Sho suddenly gets hit with an ice beam and is trapped in ice. Starla turns toward the challenger, a green popopo.

Terra (AoW)
Terra brings you down to earth!

After some gameplay footage, Starla shoots a cosmic blast at Terra, knocking him back. But Starla gets knocked out from a splash potion that harms her. The attacker reveals his identity as another popopo, and he and Terra high-five. 

White the Popopo draws more than a blank!

After some gameplay footage, the trailer ends. In a post-credits scene, a blast of fire knocks out Terra from behind. White looks up and the camera sees the attacker from the backside, revealing a red head in a striped T-shirt. 

Oh, and one more quick teaser:

One year ago, a war began, almost destroying the Fantendoverse. 

But this spring......

Fantendo Hunted 2015

....the hunt begins again.



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