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Each day, Moonlight Studios will show a small direct, which includes trailers and features for a variety of upcoming games. For each day, information about one major title will be revealed, with small pieces of information being revealed for other games being shown along side it.

Day 1

Hyrule Warriors 2

This tentatively named game is the sequel to Hyrule Warriors. The game includes a variety of new characters, weapons, elements and stages to choose from, with the first selection being shown below. Just like the previous title, the game doesn't have a specific slot in the timeline due to that vast number of characters being from different time era's. The game was also confirmed to have Amiibo support for some of the characters, which will include new weapons, costumes and stages.

Fire Element HW Fire
Causes radial damage that blasts enemies away. It can also cause additional damage.
Water Element HW Water
Creates a water bubble that covers the opponents head. It causes damage over time.
Lightning Element HW Lightning
Air-based enemies or enemies who are airborne, will take double damage.
Light Element HW Light
Weapon Power will gradually increase when hordes of enemies are attacked continuously.
Darkness Element HW Darkness
Weapon Power will gradually increase when a single enemy is attacked continuously.
File:Wind Element HW.png Wind
Ground-based enemies or enemies who are presently on a flat surface will take double damage.
File:Earth Element HW.png Earth
Defence increases every time an opponents shield is hit.
File:Grass Element HW.png Grass
Can sap health, stats or items from defeated enemies.
Light Element HW Magical Sword
Lightning Element HW Gauntlets
20px Clawshots
20px Rapier
Light Element HW Bow
Lightning Element HW Skyward Whip
HW Ganondorf
Darkness Element HW Great Swords
Water Element HW Trident
Impa Hyrule Warriors
20px Gust Bellows
Fire Element HW Naginata
Darkness Element HW Orbitars of Truth
HW Midna
Darkness Element HW Shackle
Light Element HW Vessel of Light
Darkness Element HW Book of Darkness
20px Magical Cap
Skull Kid
Darkness Element HW Majora's Mask
Fire Element HW Lantern
20px Woodfall Trumpet
234px-Tetra HD
20px Wind Waker
Water Element HW Pirate's Charm

The Legend of Zelda: The Axeron Sundial

The Legend of Zelda: The Axeron Sundial is the nineteenth game in the Zelda series, and the second for the Wii U, succeeding Zelda Wii U.

There are many ideas and concepts we are using in this Zelda game, some of which are old and have appeared in previous games in the series and some which are entirely new. Firstly, the game offers 4 different characters to play as: Link, Zelda, Midna and Ghirahim. Each character has their own unique abilities and fighting style. Certain items can only be used be them also. The game also offers a 4-player co-op, but the game has to have reached a certain part before this can occur, although it is before the first major dungeon.

It has also been revealed that this game will offer an antagonist mode, in which the player can control any of the bosses within the game and use them to fight Link and his companions.

Super Smash Bros. Uproar

Two of a Kind

The trailer begins with a zoomed out view of Skyloft. The camera then focuses onto a Crimson Loftwing, who is being ridden by Link. Link swiftly lands the Loftwing next to the Light Tower and dismounts onto the ground. He is met by applause from the Ice Climbers, who are revealed as returning veterans. The applause is interrupted when a dark blade impales the ground next to Link, knocking him off of his feet. Link quickly regains his footing and rushes over to the Ice Climbers to protect them. Link draws his sword, as Popo and Nana huddle behind him. The dark sword begins to glow as it transforms into a human-like figure. The camera pans across its legs, cape and hair, before zooming out. Ghirahim Enters with Style. Ghirahim clicks his fingers, which summons a Demon Blade in both of his hands. Link runs towards him, and they engage in combat. They parry each others blades for a few moments, before Ghirahim warps behind Link and knocks him over. Ghirahim swipes his sword downwards, but Link blocks it. Suddenly, Link's sword begins to glow blue, and Ghirahim is knocked back by the glowing light. Link's sword glow brighter and begins to shake. The light escapes from the sword, and materialises in front of Link. Fi Analyses the Opposition. Fi and Ghirahim then launch themselves at each other. They transform into their sword forms and clash, which then leads into the gameplay section.

The ending cutscene shows Ghirahim performing a ritual at the base of the Sealed Temple. The background then goes dark, and a figure, with flames on their head, appears behind. The screen fades to black, as the two figures laugh demoniacally.

Day 2

Captain Toad: Hero's Fortune

Captain Toad: Hero's Fortune is a new game in development by Moonlight Studios. The name has yet to be finalised, but the plot surrounds Captain Toad, Captain Toadette and the Toad Bridgade going out to save a number of inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, such as Mario, Luigi, Peach and Rosalina. Unlike last time, not just Captain Toad and Toadette will be playable. A number of other Toad's will also be playable in this adventure, and each of them have unique abilities that the other don't have, which can unlock secret treasures and areas in each level. These unique abilities can be unlocked by picking up a Super Flower.

Captain Toad Toadette Toadsworth Mailtoad
CaptainToadCTTT Captain Toadette Toadsworth2 Mailtoad by Tom
Upon picking up the Super Flower, Captain Toad will be able to use the Super Pickaxe and smash through blocks and enemies. The Super Flower gives Toadette the ability to use a Bouncy Shroom. This means she has the ability to launch herself into the air and onto higher platforms. Toadsworth Walking Stick allows him to cross small gaps across platforms. It can also knock over heavy objects under the power of the Super Flower. The ability that Mailtoad gets from the Super Flower is the ability to sneak past enemies for a short time. He can also attack small enemies with his bag.

Some of the levels seen in the trailer include

  • A level based upon Electrodrome from Mario Kart 8.
  • A fleet of Airships.
  • A level which includes the Mattermouths.
  • A Western-themed level.
  • A level containing lots of spinning Fire-Bars.
  • A level containing a huge rocket in the centre.
  • A level based upon the Supermassive Galaxy
  • An nature themed level with Giant Wigglers
  • A Freezeflame inspired level.

Also seen within the footage was a number of new enemies and power-ups. Some of the new power-ups include the Propeller Mushroom, Gold Mushroom, Boo Mushroom and the Spin Drill. Larry Koopa was also seen in the footage, so it can be assumed the Koopalings will be bosses in the game.

Day 3


Eternal Dusk

Cursed Enigma

Neptune Elementals

Day 4

Pokémon Indigo and Violet

Pokémon Fusion Black and Molten Black

Super Smash Bros. Uproar

Day 5

Super Smash Bros. Uproar

Moonlight Stadium

Day 6

Xenoblade Chronicles U

Xenoblade Warriors

Day 7

Xenoblade Chronicles U


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