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Day 2

Day 3

After not doing anything for the past two days, I'm decided to continue with my smash bros. game.

The Newcomers:

Image Name Series
SSBAdeline Adeleine

SSB Kirby Series


Mach rider smash4 styled render by machriderz-d7ri3q0 Mach Rider

SSB Mach Rider Series

(logo might change in the final game)

Mach Rider

KumatoraSSB Kumatora

SSB EarthBound Series


Lana Hyrule Warriors Lana


Legend of Zelda

Waluigi SSBWIIU Waluigi

SSB Wario Series


Day 4

The Destiny Rockbands Legends Arena/運命のロックバンド:伝説のロックンロール競技場 (Unmei no rokkubando: Densetsu no rokkunrōru kyōgi-ba, The Rock Bands of Destiny: The Legendary Rock and Roll Stadium) is the fighting game of members of made up rockbands fighting each other with music instruments of different styles to win the music battle tournament.

Image Name Nickname Personalty Quote Style Band
Mikepic Mike Mayers The Rocker-Hero The teenager, who want the people to notices him and want to show everybody his best. He is abit clumsy and abit hardheaded and being a loser, but he can lift up anyone's spirits, and want to be stand up for himself. "I'm gonna show you that the music is magical and rad!"

Rock N' Roll

(Guitarist and Singer)

The Thunderous  Band
Jamespic James Kenderson The JK He is the guy with attride. He wanted to be famous, and he practiced to play on his Guitar while living with his mother and aunt. He's somehow well-known that he's a expert and great artist(and for some reason, a prick.). "Life's pretty great adventure for anyone, isn't it?"

Rock N' Roll


The JK Project


The Thunderous  Band

Timpic Tim Brockham Tim Dude A nerd who writes and draws on his journal in his free time. He also have a keyboard to play music with. "I'm a nerd, yes. I'm a keyboardist, of course."

Rock N' Roll


The Thunderous  Band
Jacobpic Jacob The Crazy Rocker Man The Crazy emo-looking guy who is the fan of Metal and expert of it. He likes to be crazy, and being sometimes a goff. "Crazy? More like Blooded Crazy!!"


(Guitarist and Singer)

Big Bang Warriors

Day 5

Day 6

More characters, and more things(hopefully)

Image Name Series
Alice (Balloon Kid) Alice


Balloon Fight

King k rool larger renderb by wilttilt-d7qbl0n King K. Rool

SSB Donkey Kong Series

Donkey Kong

Takamarurender Takamaru

SSB The Mysterious Murasame Castle Series

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Prince Sable SSB For the Frog the Bell Tolls SeriesFor the Frog the Bell Tolls

Day 7