Day 1

Salutations! Name's Crimson, one of those internet losers from a world beyond your vision. So, today we will discuss BowieTendo, one of my stranger projects and one of the ones that hopefully no one saw yet.

BowieTendo is a crossover between the BowieQuest and Nintendo franchises. It is yet another platforming Each level goes from beginning to flagpole, with a boss every four levels, similar to the original Super Mario Bros.

The story starts out with Ashe playing on his Nintendo Wii U with Windi, playing the game Game & Wario. After Ashe eventually ragequits after losing a game, Endal comes in and challenges him to a game on the system. The blue bear emerges victorious, causing Endal to go into a rage and wrestle Ashe down to the ground. When Bowie came downstairs to see what ruckus was going on, he noticed the monkey and tested out his nephew (Oscargen)'s new invention, the VGTrap, and trapped Endal - along with Ashe, Windi, a by-standing Flare and himself accidentally - in the Wii U system.

Ashe gets up from the ground and notices a figure looking down at him, which was none other than famous Princess Peach. Startled, Ashe steps backwards and flips up in the air, pulling out a sword in the process, staying on alert. The princess looked mildly afraid, but proves to be friendly by inviting the young rascal to her castle. But just as she finished talking, Endal comes along and kidnaps the princess, apparently "wanting to perk things up around here". Angered, Ashe sets off to find Endal and save the princess.

Windi wakes up near a large beast - one that goes by the name of Ganondorf. The huge villain was about to crush Windi when he was suddenly struck in the chest by Link, who came around just in time. Noticing his enemy, Ganondorf became enraged and prepared to attack Link, losing his focus on the bear. Windi strikes the beast with a huge gust of wind whilst he and Link were fighting, and sends him down to the ground. Noticing his "companion"'s cooperative abilities, Link made signals to Windi to leave the area, and once the two left Ganondorf "for dead", the two teamed up: Link to finish his currently unexplained quest in the midst to help Windi escape the Nintendo dimension.

Flare flops down on the ground, scared and nervous of everything around her. Wherever she looked, she found a disgusting creature, and the idea of it caused her to start running, eventually near a person in a suit. Whatever the person was, it pointed a gun at Flare, causing her to throw her hands up in the air as a form of surrendering. Satisfied that it wasn't one of those weird creatures, the person cancelled its fire power and looked curiously at the little creature. When it walked away, it found Flare walking alongside it, reminding the person of the "Metroid Hatchling"...

Bowie descends from the air, landing near a Pikachu and immediately began battling it, each one not showing any mercy. The Pikachu was defeated, but Bowie did not finish it off, remarking that it was innocent and that it shouldn't be defeated in a way that would kill it. The two formed an alliance and eventually began walking down into a grass patch, where coincidentally Ashe, Windi, Flare, Link and the person (revealed to be Samus) were sitting.

As Ashe explains what happened to everyone, Bowie immediately takes the current situation as one of Endal's misdoings and apologizes for trapping the unwanted creatures (the bears and monkey) in the Nintendoverse. From the sky, Mario descends and apparently was late to the party, as barely anyone clapped their hands or really celebrated. Eventually, the four "teams" split up to do their own missions, these teams being Bowie and Pikachu, Ashe and Mario, Flare and Samus, Windi and Link.

So, every team has separate gimmicks and gameplay. I'll come to explaining it later, but I revealed too much for one day. Later on today I will write some into for "???"...

BTendo Story Select
He lives. He's not finished yet. Successor to the crown. Successor to your "friend". Forever alone, but forever with others, dead in a number around him.

Day 2

First off, every day we're going to talk about the subject we didn't talk about the day before.  So today, we talk about the mysterious project.


Now, what did that "2" really mean?  Remember Surviving the Fandraxorcist?  Well, that thing just got a sequel.  For now, I won't tell much, but I'll release an image and try to reveal more information without blowing up.

StF2 Teaser 2

Yes, Ethan's successor has a friend. Double the trouble, triple the ripple of your screams.  Anyway, Bowie has very stealthy gameplay; he stalks your location ingame and due to his small size is hard to spot.  If he finds you, you'll find yourself trapped in the room you're currently in, and turning in towards Bowie's direction results in an instant death.  Sometimes, Ethan and Bowie team up to find where you're hiding, which means that hiding locations aren't even safe, and are dead ends so you're done if they locate you.

Day 3

Now today, we're going to explain BowieTendo's gameplay, from all sides.

Bowie / Pikachu

Bowie and Pikachu traverse a three dimensional maze shaped universe, navigating the Pokémon region and placing the innocent Pokémon to rest whilst defeating the rebellious Pokémon to move on.

Bowie and Pikachu level up along the way when defeating enemies and can learn new attacks, able to have six at a time. New attacks can prove useful in ability and can help Bowie counter the various types existent throughout the game.

More to be revealed later.

Ashe / Mario

Ashe and Mario traverse a two dimensional platforming world that is filled with puzzles. You must utilize the powerups that come from the Mario universe to pass these puzzles and to defeat enemies.

Ashe and Mario also level up, but do not gain new attacks, instead they get to boost three of six stats: HP, SP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and 'Stache.

More to be revealed later.

Flare / Samus

Unlike the normal Metroid universe, the gameplay here is fast paced, with many leaps of action that occur in this mode. Flare and Samus traverse a two dimensional universe that is in the form of a speedy maze, with many dash panels and powerups that enhance your speed.

While Flare and Samus do not level up, they can pick up powerups to enhance their journey, such as the High Jump Boots for Samus and the Fireball Cannon for Flare.

More to be revealed later.

Windi / Link

Believe it or not I've only played one Zelda game so here's a Sonic and the Black Knight inspired mode.

Windi and Link move throughout the three dimensional, open field Zelda universe and fight off enemies in combat with swords. The two heroes can work together to overcome larger enemies.

Again, no such thing as leveling up, but Windi and Link can pick up new weapons and armor to make up for this.

More to be revealed later.

Day 4

More "???" information.  Ethan and Bowie often team up in the nights, especially if you hide away from both of them for too long.  On later nights, they come prepared with weapons, such as blades and arrows, and eventually butcher knives.  Sometimes, Bowie can awaken Ashe, Flare and Endal and cause them to go after the player too.

Sometimes at night, weather events take place.  Rain may come pouring randomly, and the battering of windows attracts Bowie.  If snow falls, Ethan is more attracted to the inside and heart of the area, away from the snow.  Thunder will scare the two into running, which may lessen your chances of surviving.  Lightning flashes will cause the two to hide - perhaps into where you are hiding.

Random noises sometimes happen in the house - phones may ring, dishes may shatter, random breathing may be heard.  The noises attract someone that isn't Bowie, Ethan, or any of the "possessables" - we only know him as "UNSEEN".  If he gets ahold of the player, the player does not die, but they can no longer hear, see, or move, leaving them for dead.


Day 5

Today we're going to explain more BowieTendo, in random bits and pieces!

All stories use music from Nintendo games. The Bowie/Pikachu storyline uses generally happy music and Pokémon music. The Ashe/Mario storyline uses calm and attractive music alongside Mario music. The Flare/Samus storyline uses deep, dark themes and Metroid music. Finally, the Windi/Link storyline uses mythical music as well as The Legend of Zelda music.

Enemies from other franchises, such as Pikmin and Kirby, appear in the stories too, often in areas where they'd fit in. For example, a grass themed Mario level may contain a few Waddle Dees, and Brinstar may have some Red Bulborbs.

Third party franchises actually do make an appearance here, but only two franchises: Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog. Very few elements from those series will appear, but they are guaranteed to be in the game(s).


Day 6

there is no such thing as escape

you think that there was a showcase here?  i'm sorry to inform you that there is none to showcase is bEst If yoU tuRn bACk...dO it FoR mE...


Day 7

I will add things here when I'm not lazy.  I probably won't, though.

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