So since I've come out of retirement I've been working on a Pokemon game called Pokémon Vermillion and Azure Versions. Taking place in the Aona region - which is not exactly based off of anything I think, however it combines some countries like Greece, Germany, and Russia. The mascots are Armatallion (Vermillion Ver) and Zephyros (Azure Ver)

The starters you can choose is Tromoor, a grassy Trojan Horse based Pokémon.

The second one is Kochar, a flaming Koala Pokémon.

The last one is a dolphin Pokémon called Raphin.

004 Kochar normal sprite 007 raphin sprite

To the left is Kochar, to the right is Raphin. Tromoor has a sprite too, but is not being made yet.

Other new Pokémon I'd like to announce is Braxie, a Steel/Fairy Pokémon, the name is basically "brace + pixie", and other Pokémon include Geogre, a ogre based Pokémon.

Most of the game will include some Pokémon based off of animals Game Freak might have not used yet. Including one based off a gila monster.

The story revolves obviously around the player traveling the Aona Region, battling and gaining Badges. Some major characters include Apollo, who is the region's champion. His brother is named Magnus, Magnus is part of the villainous Team Spiral (name not official).

I think that is all that needs to be revealed, perhaps there will be more information tommorow. Until then, thanks for reading.


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