Fantendo BoulderDream is a puzzle game created by Omegaverse Corp. for the DS. It stars Green Shirt, as well as some other characters.


Fantendo's newest villain, Don Chilé, has locked up Fantendo's Magic Crystals in the Sand Mine. A young lad named Green Shirt must save them!


The game plays much like some classic games-you walk through 'sand' in a 'mine'-when you touch sand it disappears. You collect gems and avoid hazards until you have enough gems to leave the mine. Then you go on to the next mine, all in a top-down perspective. Some "episodes" of the game have been programmed in XMineL to have other goals or physics.


An episode is a series of levels with a common theme. The main episode in this game is the Sand Mines, because it is the episode for the main story. However, other episodes have been made and you can play them or download more from either Omegaverse Trading Network (Omegavere-created) or Omegaverse User Fanbase (fan-created).


Sand Mines


Snake Game

Find more here!

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