Fantendo Battle Royale logo

Fantendo Battle Royale is a 2D sidescrolling fighting game made by Fantendo and Creative Creations Inc. which features tons of Fantendo characters duking it out.


Image Name Moveset Intro and Outro Unlockable by...
Unten Unten Coming Soon Intro: Runs into screen then leans back waving hand.

Outro: Win: Raises the roof. Lose: crosses arms with bored face

YonenBooeArt YonenBooe Coming Soon Intro: Falls to ground, then smiles.

Outro: Win: Jumps for joy. Lose: Looks down and frowns.

Bombell New Bombell Coming Soon Intro: Fades in with face covered by hands, then takes off hands and makes Boo face

Outro: Win: Does a dance Lose: Gets angry and explodes.

Propeloo Propeloo Coming Soon Intro: Flys into stage

Outro: Win: Shakes tongue. Lose: Floats down with sad face