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Fantendo Battle Network is a game that includes Fantendo characters in a Megaman Battle Network-style.

Fantendo Battle Network|A new game by 1337DOOM!
This is a NEW Fan Game created by 1337doom, THE KING OF KIRBY!.
  • Please make minor edits to this.
  • Credit to SPL for the design of this box. It's an AWESOME box.

PLEASE NOTE! Currently I am only using my characters, Unten, and a few others. Please give me permission to use the rest of Fantendo's characters! Talk:Fantendo Battle Network -1337doom Also, don't forget to Ask Omegaverse Jake! and go to Omegaverse Corp. Sonic Game? -1337doomzorz 03:44, 3 May 2009 (UTC)



Netnavi: Unten.EXE (Unten)

Role: The main character


Netnavi: Pi.EXE (3.14)

Role:Main characters older brother


Netnavi: Bro.EXE (4.13)

Role: Your cousin- AND RIVAL!


Netnavi: Char.EXE (Charmer)

Role: Your classmate in school

Mr. Nate

Netnavi: Palm.EXE (Palmman)

Role: Your teacher and tutorial-giver throughout the game


Netnavi: Racecar.EXE (McQueen Mario)

Role: Mysterious stranger you often run into in odd places who fights you.


Netnavi: Mushcar.EXE (Ni Toad)

Role:Myster's twin, you meet him on the internet at the beginning of the game.


Netnavi: Contest.EXE (Oshtyo)

Role: Bad guy, who is part Meer Hue.

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