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Fantendo Baseball Stars
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Rowan productions
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
Late 2013
Story Mode, Exhibition, Minigames, Extras, Options, Toyville
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Rating pending
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii U Disk
You can sign up, only major series... (for example, a major series is Mighty Willy Universe, a minor is Woofbot). Also, You can sign up bad guys, but they are unplayable in Story Mode...

A new game by Rowan productions...

Story Mode

Woofbot and the rest of the gang took an airplane trip to Baseball Island, and then Master Coloura comes with all the bad guys... They trash the island and you have to beat them at baseball. One series takes up one location, and have up to 2 arenas. You have to gather at least 9 characters to play any baseball games in story mode, and to complete story mode, unlock all characters...

Playable Characters

Note: Only captains get a ball and swing

Name Pic Specials Team

Swing - heavy Swing

Pitch - Bulletball

Willy Grounds

Swing - Thunder Swing

Pitch - Smallball

Willy Grounds

Swing - Bouncy Swing

Ball - Metal Bool

Throw - Laser Beam

Woofbot Lasers

Swing - Balloon Swing

Ball - Balloon Ball

Throw - Laser Beam

Woofbot Lasers
Hissbot Throw - Laser Beam Woofbot Lasers

Catch - Dive

Throw - Laser Beam

Woofbot Lasers
Master Coloura

Swing - Rainbow Swing

Ball - Rainbow Ball

Catch - Enlarge

Coloura Rainbows
Dark Woofbot Throw - Laser Beam Coloura Rainbows
Dark Meowbot Throw - Laser Beam Coloura Rainbows

Ball - Music Ball

Swing - Lullaby Swing

Wilsing Music

Ball - Disco Ball

Swing - Dance Swing

Wilsing music